Nichols starting for Eskimo's, Rider fans elated!

Or is it just a ploy with Nichols starting and Reilly taking the snaps in the second series. Good move on the Eskimo's part as Riders don't know who to prepare for. Eskimos floating the notion that Reilly is not ready, Riders floating the notion that Durant is ready. Seems that there are more games than just the one at Commonwealth on Sunday.

I fully expect to see Reilly unless Nichols leads Edmonton to an early TD. I fully expect to see Durant, on the sidelines pretending he is ready to go.

I dont know if I think that an organization would seat their starting quarterback and sign another one just to psych out 1 team... Have heard rumours that its not a hand injury, but a broken bone in his foot... but who knows.

And they've signed...Justin Goltz?

If that is true I don't know how effective he would be even if he did play. What makes Reilly good is his run threat. I think he is done for the next game

Signing Goltz is just a depth move to get in a body that has some knowledge of CFL concepts if things get desperate. No Reilly, I've read that White is a bit dinged up, and you never know with Nichols given his past history with injuries. At the very least he gives them a short yardage option.

Intersting signing. Likley more to do with the possible injury of Pat White and his package.
The Esks also recently signed Matt Scott, a former starting QB for Arizona, OCT 7. Scott, an undrafted rookie free agent, spent 2013 on the Jags PR for most of the season. Spent 2014 Training camp with Bengals and was among last cuts.
He rushed for over 1,000 yards at Arizona so he can run as well. mising the Month of Sept, he has been with the ESKS for a month now and likely in shape and able to run the White Packages.

With the Nicholls announcement, it will likely mean many more fans coming from the province and hopefully there will be a huge crowd at Commonwealth.
Has any one heard the ticket count?

Games maybe, but i don't think either team changes much at all in their gameplan whoever starts at QB.

Durant and KJs skill set are very similar, the only real differences being KJ has a little more zip on his throws and Durant is a bit more patient with his reads and is good at throwing it safely away when there's nothing downfield and he's under pressure.

Edmonton's offense doesn't change at all between Nicholls and Reilly. The only real difference is Reilly's confidence/experience and his threat to run. But they're both tall dudes with good arms.

Now if Pat White started THEN it would make a big difference in preparation.

As for Reilly's foot, sounds like a similar deal to what Durant suffered in 2011, and played 3 or 4 games on it (which was dumb because they had no chance at the playoffs) but in a playoff game I could totally see Reilly playing on that. I mean only the doctors really know how bad it is, but I would not be at all surprised if he started, especially if it's his left (non-push-off when throwing) foot.

I agree I dont think there is really a big difference aside from wat was mentioned.
In Nichols 3 starts this year he is yet to have John White in the line up. White will be in there next week and in top shape and well rested.
Stamps looks to be ready to go as well. When Nichols did get PT 2 season's ago Stamps was THE guy.
I am not sure if Bailey and/or Foster will be going either. Often times the back up QB will have a nice connection with the back up receivers. Bailey is just a rookie and Foster has not played much but both are pretty talented REC.

Edmonton needs to worry more about the Riders run game than their QB situation. The Riders pile up yards on the ground like last week and the Eskimos are done. No Reilly hurts, but he's not their entire offence and he certainly isn't a factor on D or ST. If the Riders see this as a free ticket to Calgary they will get a huge shock this Sunday.

The Riders are nothing but a shadow of last year's salary cap busting team who had to pacify the hometown fans by winning the Grey Cup in Regina come hell or high water. It will be nice watching the Eskies crush 'em on the frozen tundra of Commonwealth Stadium, no matter who is playing quarterback.

Frozen artificial tundra that is mighty. :wink:

Forecast is for -8 and sunny, great day for football. Field or weather should not be a factor.

Well, to say that I'm elated is a bit of a stretch... I think most Rider fans know that Nichols just as capable as Reilly to lead the Esks to a victory on Sunday... if the Riders win it wil be an upset, no matter who starts for the Eskimos...

Agreed, just looking for a catchy title. Looking forward to a great game, looks like the weather will not be a factor, wish I could make it to the game, unfortunately I am stuck in Calgary and have to watch on TV. Will be at Mcmahon Stadium next week and I am 100% sure that it will be Red vs Green.

I like the way the Eskies have quietly amassed the second best record in the league. It's not going to be easy going through Calgary but I put my money on Edmonton to come out of the west.

...of course that is going to happen, have you not seen the stampeders recent post-season records?

Yup :frowning: hard to be positive in believing our Stamps will do anything except implode. You won't hear smack talk from Stamp fans that's for sure :lol:

yeah, even flutie got bit by that bug. 4 years. 4 great years. 1 cup. oye

If Nichols is starting, god help us…

As for the Stamps fans feeling sorry for themselves, haven’t you guys won like 14 of the last 16 against us? I think that trumps your recent playoff woes.