Nichols or Reilly, which QB will still be an Esk in 2014?

ok, anyone who thinks the Eskimos will have both QB's when the 2014 season begins really doesn't know what's going on.

it's pretty clear that one of the QB's the Ottawa team will select is in Edmonton!

just a matter of which QB do the Eskimos Protect in December of 2013?

Nichols? or Reilly?

whichever one does best this yr.

injuries could screw things up.

anyway you look at it, ottawa stands to have a pretty good young group of qbs.

My thoughts are Edmonton protects Mike Reilly.

tough one to choose, although will pick Reilly.

Had Nichols not suffered such a grievous ankle injury last season, the choice would be a flip of a coin between the two.

but in light of the circumstances, my guess would be Reilly who has the goods to be a bonafide starter.

The Eskimos gave up a draft selection just to talk to Reilly before Free Agency... I like both QBs a lot, but I predict Reilly starts Week 1 of the regular season, and it is him who is protected come December 2013

This is one of the reasons I'm hoping the preseason games will be on
So I can see which will be the man in edmonton. I've read both are doing well in camp so far.

I read in another article somewhere that both Eskimo games are televised I believe, we are the lucky ones this year

Its Reilly's job to lose, no question.

Both QB's show a lot of promise and it should be an interesting battle.

The player that I am most interested in seeing is Tavoy Moore. They are avoiding the annual second coming of Gizmo talk by comparing him to Pinball Clemons. I watched some of his college highlights and can see why the comparison is made. I particularly like how difficult he seems to take down and that after scoring there is little showboating, he just hands the ball to the nearest ref and goes back to business.

Is he the real deal? To soon to tell but I will enjoy watching.

You mean, who will be the Esks goat this year?

I think reilly is going to one of the best in league in the near future.

Just typed his name in google and found an article and highlight video, looks pretty good, hopefully he can crack the roster this year and provide a burst to the Eskimos KR and PR.