Nichols named starting QB vs Edmonton

Gary Lawless just tweeted it.

Needed to try something. Way too much talent on this team to have the record they have.

Should of waited later in the week to announce though. EE now have a week to prepare against a former employee they know well.

I think the Bomber's "talent " is over stated. They have some good players but so does every team. Our over all depth is not a strength,Oline get's pushed around and our DB's can't cover receiver's . Edmonton is coming off a disastrous loss, Reilly is going to have zero mercy on us and it could rival our epic playoff loss there in 1996.

....I have a feeling you're right kasps.....This one is going to be the 'summer blowout' and I'm not talking about the Bomber store clearance sale....All I can say is that Riley and company will take no prisoners....It'll be....'in coming, and duck'...We're going to be shell shocked when the last quarter mercifully ends. :cry:

Nichols looked solid in his early drive that led to the Dressler TD. I'm not sure he's a bonafide #1 guy for any long term period considering his career numbers show a roughly 1:1 TD:INT ratio, a completion % that would put him among the bottom of the starting QBs, and according to Derek Taylor on TSN as heard on TSN radio yesterday, has one of the worst accuracy ratings as a starter. It's a chance for him to show he deserves the job though.

Our Oline's had issues but they're very green. I'm looking forward to what they can do switching to the 3 imports tomorrow and getting Travis Bond on the field and replacing Neufeld with Hardrick. This is the Oline I was hoping to see out of camp and I think this setup can do a better job in pass and run blocking.

Looking forward to also seeing Sheppard step into the lineup. He had a pretty good second preseason game and they used him to stretch the field a bit. Our secondary does shape up to favor Reilly having a big day, though.

.....Looking forward to see what Sheppard can do as well Wolverine...Maybe Nichols can get the ball down field and on target, unlike our supposed no 1...I wonder how long Willy will be a Bomber IF the right deal came along??? Was not impressed with his 'attitude' in a Free Press article I just read...Seems he thinks there was nothing that wrong with his game so far this year :lol: and I guess we are supposed to believe, that his crappy performance was just some kind of illusion... Just WOW as all I can say....Willy doesn't want to admit that his game has gone..... well somewhere ...I hope Nichols lights it up and proves what all the fans have suspected, that Willy was hugely under performing and has been that way since tc...IF and that's a BIG IF this transpires I hope we rid ourselves of this guy and his big contract...sooner rather than later.

Wow , nobody saw that coming ! Hopefully we can build on this ?? If Nichols continues his strong play, that could spell the end of Willy . No way we keep a guy making over 400k on the bench.

All I want to say is, even if the Bombers had lost this game I would be happy with their play. They played with HEART. They were Aggressive. They wanted to win and it sure looked like they were having fun. That's all I can ask of them.
What a difference a QB makes. And McDuffie !

Nice game for Nichols. Historically he hasn’t been able to be consistent with performances like this but hopefully he can buck the trend. I double Willy gets released anytime this year unless they need some salary cap space. And given all the injuries to the secondary so far and now the injuries piling up at receiver, you never know I suppose. As dynamic as our offense was finally, still not ethused with some of the playcalling coming from Lapo. Too conservative at times to maintain FG range rather than get a 1st down and keep pushing for the TD. FGs are what you should settle for not play for IMO.

This was the Oline I though we’d have at the start of the year and I though it delivered. Harris with his first 100 yard game and busting a few longer runs was really nice to finally see and cheer. I hope this is the end of any ideas of sticking Neufeld back out as a starter once he’s gets healthy, we have enough options in our National roster finally that we don’t have to keep forcing bad roster decisions.

Surprised to see Loeffler with 0’s across his stat line for the night. One thing it doesn’t show is that pop he laid out on Bowman I believe in the 4th Q deep in our zone which knocked the ball out of his hands. Bowman certainly felt that. It was the kind of play that makes you salivate with ideas of how good he can eventually become. Frederick was really good too in his first start. I would imagine with the injuries he gets a couple more starts in. Once guys get healthy our secondary could all of the sudden get crowded. And despite giving up over 300 yards in passing, that secondary held up better than a lot of people expected. And as maligned as our D has been, it’s been 2 big plays on D when the opposition is driving with a chance to tie/take the lead (Hubbard sack-strip-fumble recovery and Frederick pick last night) that have basically cemented our 2 wins.

Bring on the Cats. Time for a home win.

.....Well that was a nice surprise :rockin: ....Nichols provided the quarterbacking this club was missing....The whole team picked it up with our first drive and it was infectious...Harris was running Wild...Wild was running hot, along with a lot of his compatriots playing with heart and determination... Been waiting for that for awhile...The down side is we have some serious injuries in the receiving corps...prompting us to bring back Denmark...(good move and lucky he was available)....So we win and pay a heavy price...I'll take it but the Dressler injury is very worrisome...Is he becoming injury prone late in his career...hope not, we need this guy.. Loffler and Frederick are real nice acquisitions and will only get better...Anyway...solid performance and I hope we can keep it up against the Cats... :thup:

...there was a game earlier this year, cannot remember who your guys were against, but even before the half the D was walking around with their hands on their hips, looking downcast, giving up, the O didn't look much different...last night that was a totally different team, they were excited, played hard, ran to congratulate guys or help them up off the I said, a different team attitude wise, and that showed on the scoreboard....

It's only hard to remember which game it was Red, because there were so many listless games played they all look the same. i noticed Hardrick and some others helping players too. good signs :thup:

You really wouldn't think it was the same team other than the uniforms. They played with enthusiasm and heart.I had been thinking of starting a thread "Did the Bombers break Willy".If he gets back in it will be interesting to see how he and the rest of the team react.Nichols certainly took advantage of his opportunity and I'd run with him till there is reason not to.I think the team and the fans desperately needed a game like that.Well done all around. :thup: