Nichols for Masoli - in favour or opposed

Time for a significant trade: Matt Nichols straight up to Hamilton for Jeremiah Masoli. Both teams win big.

I'm in favour.

Thank you.

Peter Boyle Ottawa


Masoli is worth far more.

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That's a good joke.


Yes count me in! This will settle the starting debate, the East becomes more entertaining

I think the Redblacks should be talking to Ambrosie about lifting the signing ban and bring back Johnny Manziel. He'll be the greatest quarterback the CFL has ever seen if they just give him another chance with Lapo coaching him.

Alouettes still hold rights but NFW if you ask me...How many chances does he deserve?

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Agreed. Masoli for Nichols, two goats and a chicken. I'll draw up the paperwork. :smiley: :+1:

Nichols for Arbuckle was dumb. Nichols for Masoli would be dumber, and never happen.

How does Hamilton win big by doing this trade?



You can't be serious. You're just suggesting this to pull everybody's leg, right?



I agree. Both teams would be improved.


I'm just remembering what I heard from all the Manziel fans when he first arrived in Hamilton. The can't miss kid, right?

I think the RedBlacks would do better bringing Russ Jackson out of retirement than Johnny Manziel.


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You’ll have to do better than straight up…which is what the booze would need to be in that trade discussion

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I hear Cam Newton is available


I am thinking a Masoli deal would be more like off season timing but could see it happening - but can't see TC's interest in Nicholls. What would be funny is Nicholls for Bethel-Thompson - -then the Argos would have both Nicholls and Arbuckle!

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Hamilton might get interested if a #1 draft pick plus another Canadian starter was involved. Ottawa has some good offensive lineman "retired" at the moment. Nichols would just be released if Ottawa could obtain Masoli.

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With the Cup in Hamilton this year I believe Masoli will stay in Hamilton .

This is a big let's do it this year vibe to it .

Masoli provides insurance and may end up providing more than that in the end .


Agree 100%. It’s been too long for them between cups....they’re hosting it and will do what ever it takes to win it.
After Montreal, I’d like to see them win was the case with the ‘Peg last year.

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Je suppose que c'est une farce.

Pour l'avoir vu à l'oeuvre, ce gars-là ne fera jamais rien de bon sur un terrain de football, et probablement pas mieux en-dehors du terrain. C'est une tête enflée gâtée, et il ne sera jamais plus que ça.