Nicest Jerseys.

im gonna say the 3 nicest jerseys in the CFL are:
The Riders, The Lions and the Bombers

why isnt winnipeg on the list??

what the. i made sure there were all 9 teams. maybe the max poll options is 8.
that is odd

or maybe i hit submit before I hit add option.

There ya go its fixed

ah you mods and your powers

Yes but we must only use them for good.
Never for evil

The Bombers new threads look too much like St. Louis Ram knock-offs. Edmonton and Montreal look like they did before. And B.C.? I know orange is one of the team colours and all, but making it your home jersey? One word: “fugly”

I like all of the uniforms, but by far the best is BC’s home orange and new white helmet.

I like BC’s uni too…but since they have gone from the black and orange back to the white and orange… i’d like to see them change the logo back to brown and orange so that they have the whole 80’s look… plus i think the brown and orange looks better on a white helmet… where the black and orange was better on the silver helmet

Not being biased here, but I personally thing that Ottawa has the nicest looking jerseys, espeically that 3rd jersey, it looks sweet.

I like the home jersey for winnipeg.
On the other hand the Calgary away jersey looks like a “Wendy’s” uniform. Made me hungry the whole game. Had to stop at the drive through for a burger on the way home :lol:

the bombers jerseys are starting to grow on me, im not a fan or the orange bcs jerseys but i like calgarys jerseys alot… probably cause i like the color red…

Montreal Is The Only One I Like Cause It’s The One That Got Changed The Least, The Only Thing I Like About The New Jersey’s Is That I’ll Beable To Get A Buch Of The Old Ones Real Cheap.

I ranked them before and I rank them again.

  1. Toronto
  2. Saskatchwan (both Tor and Sask look great!)

  1. Montreal (love the new secord logo!)
  2. Edmonton

  1. Hamliton (Needs a thrid jersey based on the old Black and Gold color pattern)
  2. Ottawa (Their thrid jersey looks just like the old 90’s jersey which is fantasic! :slight_smile:)
  3. BC (needs a black thrid jersey)
  4. Calgary (I was surprized by how good the away ones are, but I’d like to see the old home jerseys make a return as the thrid)

  1. Winnipeg (Our old jerseys were 100 times better, I like to see them make a return with a few chages) (At the moment we look like a Ram’s farm team and our Ofence is playing like it)

I’m gonna be biased on this one. I like the Esks cause they are my team. They tweaked the jersey ever so slightly and were able to keep the image of history and tradition while moving towards the future. Not sure I would like them if they became too radical.

I am curious to see what the third jersey will look like on labor day.