Nicest Catch!!

What was the nicest catch you've seen in the CFL?

Me, I'm gonna go back in 2001, when Jeremaine Copeland fell, and tapped the ball up in the air and rolled over 3 yards, and caught it, at Hamilton.

That was crazy!

For me, was by far the catch Ben Cahoon made in the 2003 Grey Cup, finger tip catch, completely vertical in the air.


Throughout the last couple of seasons, I'd have to go with Jason Tucker's TD catch(in very tight coverage) vs. Calgary in the labour day rematch last year.

A nice one by Kendrick Jones:

One of the most amazing catches that I can recall was made for Winnipeg by Mike Sellers. I can't remember the year or who they were playing but Sellers came out of the backfield and had the legs literally cut from underneath him before the ball got to him. He was in the air completely upside down and reached "over" his head towards the ground and pulled in the pass which was about to hit the ground. Amazing!

I vote with Ryooon.
Cahoon's catch in 2003

Tony Champion, 1989 Grey Cup. Simply known as "The Catch."

Incredible not just for the play itself, but also because of the situation, which was as high-pressure as it gets. A minute left in the game, 3rd down and 10, trailing by 7 in the Grey Cup ... and the guy was playing with broken ribs!

Thanks to Onknight for providing this video clip:

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An interesting note on the Champion catch in '89. Watch him push off the DB before the ball gets there. Offensive pass interference maybe? Anyway, a nice grab nonetheless.

As a Rider fan I wish they would play that game more often on ESPN Classic when they show the classic CFL games.

Too bad that video is so grainy, that was a super catch . Good for you roughyfan to be the first guy here to bring up one that is not by your hometeam.

I know this isn't the CFL, but this is one of my favourite catches of all-time.

Wow! You don't get any more blatant a pushoff than that. Looks like the CFL refs back then s ucked too.

That play won a ESPY!

i know of onew in CIS. i believe it was western. the reciever didn't catch it originally fell to the ground as he was rolling over was able to keep the ball in the air and then was able to catch after he finished rolling over. basically zigzagged the abll around hmself. They had it on the TSN top tem catches of all time not to long ago.

The Champion catch is the best...I don't think the push off was all that bad. Let them play!
Although you do see Harry Skipper disagreeing with me!!

But aside from the magnitude of the play, and the actual quality of the play, which is amazing enough, factor in that by that point, Champion was playing with a couple of broken ribs--which anyone who has ever suffered such an injury, is one of the most painful injuries and you can't breath...

Now watch that play again....

I'll just toss in that Hamilton's safety (Shields??) was playing with a fractured ankle....

I guess expat mentioned the ribs–it is worth mentioning again!!!

I like Darren Flutie versus Calgary in the 1999 Grey Cup.

By the way, what nice uniforms/logos Hamilton has!