I looked and looked and could not find a CIS game anywhere this afternoon so it sure was nice to see Johnny Augustine running the ball once again. What a fireball. Always fun to watch. Not worried when Mr. Harris retires as long as we still have Johnny.

Lankford is a pleasant surprise hoofing the ball. If we lose Medlock, we’ve got a guy ! Now maybe we can replace Lankford on some of those returns with speedy little Johnny.

Sad we are only seeing the back ups this late in the year cause these are some of the guys who should have gone in at various times in the year when I was calling for O’Shea 's head for not changing up when he should have.

Despite the loss , it was good to see the exuberance from a group of non starters playing as opposed to only one new guy starting. We almost won that game on exuberance alone. Our depth looks pretty good in all facets.

…..Have to agree Dan that it was awhile in coming to get a look at some our pr guys....I can see why this kid Lankford was kept around....Can this guy kick or what....Blew me away as I thought he'd come in and be...wellll... ...maybe capable''...What a surprise...He looked like he was kicking for us all year....Augustine is a keeper ….Lafrance who???..He looks like a lock to take that spot when Harris can't go...We didn't do too badly playing our second stringers against their top guns...Streveler continues to impress and I have to say right now we have as good a shot at anyone to go all the way to the Cup....GOBIGBLUE

When most of you were freaking out, I told you we’d be here. Now lets just take care of buisness.
Man it would be sweet to get some revenge on those green guys in their park no less.
Read Nye’s article…I think he forgot to point out the Bombers O is hands down better than Sask’s, averaging almost +50 yards/game more. All while the D on both teams are pretty even in almost all categories - but ours has treally come on in the past 6 or so weeks.

Looking forward to Harris having a monster playoff, and bringing the Grey Cup home!

I only freak out cause I care AND because we were losing and I saw no action to stop the skid. I can handle losing when we are trying to improve. After all, I’ve been a Bomber fan for a long time now. ;D

…...Ditto Dan..(hey that sounds like a new user name) funnin' with you Danny boy but you expressed exactly what I was going to say to the previous post before yours.....So I won't

No problem Papa. You have posted my own thoughts before I could so many times, I can’t remember them all. :wink:

I really hope the Blue Bombers go on to win the Grey Cup this year. Not only because they’re my favourite team among those remaining, but so that I can toss some of the comments you fellows were making about the Bombers previously back in your faces.


It sure was nice to see Johnny Augustine playing again. I say dress him(to hell with the ratio) and let him return a few kicks/punts. He should have been playing earlier this year. Again, to hell with the ratio. Just because the rules say we can dress so many Americans, doesn’t mean we have to ! This is why we don’t see a dynamo like Johnny play. Everyone is so bloody worried about the ratio. So many Canadian boys lost in the shuffle this way… I say play your best. If he goes somewhere else, we will be kicking ourselves for not accommodating him. The question “Why didn’t we play him?” will be on every one’s mind. Let’s not make the same mistake again.

I agree. I don’t see why any coach should have a mental ceiling on how many Canadians qualify as being among his best players. That’s a logical error, and one that a fellow with a Canadian university education such as Michael O’Shea has no excuse in making.

….AND you said it…‘Michael O’Shea’…he has his heart entrenched deep into our Canadian talent…Now a lot of people would agree with his dedication to our home grown talent BUT sometimes I feel he needs to widen his horizons when it comes down to National versus International…Somehow I don’t see that ever being in his make-up

Too many Amer GMs and coaches for my liking. Our coach was coached and taught by some of these…It seems like there is a panic if any team doesn’t dress the full contingent of Amers allowed. I’ve noticed this in the past 20 years. I say “Who cares?”