What a friggin finish. I was questioning the fake field goal though. But Jospeh won us the game and we're back in 1st place. The incomplete pass in the endzone was complete crap, but we won and i'am happy.

Green is the color, footbal is the game!
We're all together, and winning is our aim!
So cheer us on through the sun snd rain, Saskatchewan Roughriders is our name!

Gawd, I hate that stupid cheer.....

But I'll take the win.

I dont hate that cheer as much as I hate that new stupid paint the world green song...

Yeah, that's pretty lame, too....

Yeah, the new one is lame, but i like the old one.

I loved the Jersey's.... I was SOOOO happy they used the original helmet logo.... I shot back in time, when I sat in the Rider rookie section as a kid in the early seventies

Whats really annoying is that my sister keeps singing that stupid paint the whole world green garbageā€¦ lol

:lol: You poor bastard. That must be torture.

Yeah definately not cool

Ya the song was pretty brutal. Pretty nice jerseys, and a great football game.

ya the paint the whole world green kinda bugged the shit out of me. but cup 89 if u r talking bout the near pick that got called incomplete in the endzone if u watch the replay the ball does move when he hit the ground and the refs have called the incomplete all season.

but rider fans i do love the enthusiasm at ur field alot of chanting and pride.

I do believe they got the call right. I was questioning at the time without any replay evidence why the ref who was 2 feet away ruled a touchdown and the ref who had no view of the play ruled incomplete.

I guess the ref's get lucky once in a while too :slight_smile: Wouldn't have mattered because the evidence would have over turned it anyways.

That was a great game, especially the finish. Can't wait for next week - I'm going to the game here in the 'peg. I would sure not bet against the riders at this point. Even when things don't seem to be going their way for a while they don't give up and when the game's on the line they seem to get it done. (Watching Hamilton struggle yesterday brought back painful memories of 'rider teams of the past who could sometimes do nothing right and got no breaks - I really feel for the 'cats) Joseph does from time to time not look that sharp in terms of not throwing crisp passes, etc. but he does seem to have eliminated most of the bad decisions that he was guilty of from time to time last year and really seems to have bought in to the game plan. Also what happened to the running game on Sunday?


the reason i think the first ref called it a catch is because the ball was tucked away from him so he couldn;t see the ball move on ground contact. but ya ref caught a bit of a break.

What you need here is to be accompanied on the banjo. Should be able to find one next week end. Best of luck when you come though I hope we win. My wish is that we both get into the Grey Cup. That would be super.