Nice words from Glenn and Cobourne

"If the first guy gets knocked out or is struggling, we have a guy who can go in and still move the football," said Glenn. "I'll be the first to tell you that you need two quarterbacks in this league to be successful.

"It goes back to what we did during the season, going back and forth. That's helped."

Glenn's coach agreed with him.

There was no gloating from Cobourne, who picked up 97 yards on 14 carries.

"I don't know if it was to beat this team, it's about winning the Grey Cup," said Cobourne. "It just happens that they were in our division and in our way. So be it. We're one step closer to getting what we want.

"They're a great team but their time is over. I respect them. But our team is better. Just flat out."

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"They're a great team but their time is over. I respect them. [b]But our team is better. Just flat out."[/b]
Love this line. :)


Nice for sure. Now we just have to shore up our secondary, have a safety cover the middle back there and stay home, don't go up to the line to help on tackling a runner until the runner is past the line of scrimmage. Force Pierce to throw up the sidelines more.

And while having the corner or safety blitzing on occasion, having the DE trading spots with either one is what I like to call, "bad".

And Cobourne also takes the high road in the Globe & Mail

Asked if he enjoyed twisting the knife in his former team, Cobourne said: “There is no knife. It’s just another win, and we’re just moving on to the second round.?
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