Nice win

I don't think I would include BC in the same group as Montreal and Edmonton. BC has only scored 3 points more than Calgary and 5 more than the Riders and IIRC most of their offensive stats are middle of the pack.

Fair enough. I only included BC because Lulays been able to get yardage as he is 3rd in the league for passing yards, 40 behind Ricky Ray and only 30 or so ahead of Durant. Then again his completion % is only around the 50% mark, BC receivers have had cases of dropsies and they haven't been able to outscore either opponent they've played.

Can’t wait to see the Als play the Bombers :thup:

Just another show of your class. Do you not realize that this is the most offensive slang phrase to most of the world. Use the F word if you need to but leave this out of it.

All that been said, I agree the Bombers have something going on. Would be surprised if they are not in Montreal for the East final this year. Then it's 60 minutes, a couple breaks, and it's off to the show.

.....AND with this guy on our side can we go wrong

Can't even guess who that is or what that is all about.

You're obviously not a Buddist. :wink: A few years ago David Asper was on the same private flight as the Dalai Lama and asked him to autograph a Bombers helmet and a football.

What a cool picture!I've seen a few celebrities now rocking CFL gear, on our end i've seen Sarah Palin rocking a Ticat jersey and Martin Short wearing a Ticat shirt.

Getting ready for Round 2, Bombers look to be fairly healthy and may have a surprise or two (Brown & Carr) ready for the game.