Nice win

Glad I made a last minute change for the Bombers to win on Bigdave's VGCC :thup:
Great defensive performance by the blue n gold, must feel good to start 2-0.Gosh I wish we could win an opening game for once :roll:

,,,If we ever get the offence to catch-up with the D ...LOOK-OUT....a TERRIFIC effort by the defensive unit ... :thup: :rockin: ...AND we were hesitating on bringing back Lobendahn :lol: ..He's all over the field delivering big-time...Great game Lolo... :thup: :rockin:

If the starters on defense stay healthy the Bombers will be in every game and in the mix all the way to the end in spite of the average oline and receivers.

The Bombers won the trench battle tonight and the game, just need to work on consistency in a few areas and they will be fine. Depth is looking very good, Denmark stepped in nicely at receiver.

i agree with you hfxc on the average o line, but i think Buck is still a little rusty, and our receivers are better than average, seeing that we are missing Poblah, and Carr.

The 'average' o-line did a pretty nice job tonight against one of the best d-lines in the league. 100 yards rushing and only gave up one sack...

....Tim Burke is doing a helluva job with the D...The players luv this guy....Now if we could get the same kind of scenario going on with the offence this team will be very tough to beat...I just had a feeling towards the end of the game last night, that no matter what Lemon and company threw at us, they were not going to see the end-zone...I'm a little disappointed in that we were taken in again by the 'trick' play but no harm done...We have to be a little sharper on special teams...New holder (jovon) was costing us early on Palardys field-goal attempts but eventually that was worked-out...The reason for Johnson holding instead of Renaud was that Lapo wanted someone more agile so if the field-goal was wide and Owens tried one of his patented run-backs Jovon could nail him....Much like JoLo was doing :wink: ...Great game :thup: ....bring on the stumps..

it was an awful game from both teams offences.
Both defenses played great.
Penalties and moronic give-aways and sloppy play (clutch awful snap?) killed the argos who actually out yarded the bombers on offence last night.

And for those of you who think your offence will for sure step up, there is about as much reason for you to think that as there is for any other team, two awful offensive performances doesn't really bode well.

hmmm…I love great defence.
I thought it was a very good game for winnipeg.
great win.
And offensively…Buck was tremendous…regardless of stats…he COMPETED.

Sounds like sour grapes to me...You realize we only had 2 healthy starting receivers, one of which, Watson, spent all training camp in the slot, and not WR, where he's having to play due to the injury to Poblah. Our 'O' will be just fine, thanks for your concern...

The offence didn’t look too great, but showed some signs of life. Our defence won us the game, hopefully our offence can put up some points and help out the D. If that happens, we will be a tough tough team to beat folks! Go Bombers!! :rockin:

Buck is looking more and more comfortable with each series. The whole offense did a great job keeping the pressure from the Argos front 7 at bay. If we can get and keep our receivers healthy then definitely the offence is going to get better.

Plus the defence is going to get better too when Kent is back and Hef and JJ move back to their positions.

palardy missed 2 fg's so really we won 22 - 16 but reality... it could have been by more. stamps missed 3 fg's last week and argos beat em.. we missed 2 and won by 6.

Even at the end of both games, the defence didn’t look tired at all. They still had more ! 2-0 start is half our win total from last year. Why shouldn’t we be optimistic ?

Absolutely, Dan. Even at this stage, wins against our Eastern rivals have playoff implications; they are more important than wins against the West.

On that point, the East is 3-1 against the West so far. Been a while since that happened, hasn't it?

(And yes, in my heart I still think of Winnipeg as a Western team.)

a kicker is a member of the team... missed field goals are missed.
Toronto almost had a touchdown at the start of the game today but instead had to settle for a field goal... should I say the score really should have been different?
its the same bad argument.

Bombers have Round 1 against both the TiCats and Argos, let's leave it at that and get ready for Round 2.

Woulda, shoulda, coulda, means squat in the standings, all that matters is these are 4 point games and who finds a way to win them.

Until next time.

you lost to the better team.. we injured your offense in boyd and made the other part of your offense chad owens completely useless... you just are very bitter and it's kind of sad that you can't even admit the better team won.. cuz the better team did win.. heres reality for you... argos are build on chad owens, cory boyd and a defense... your d got out played by our d.. your special teams were non existent.. boyd had 14 yards on 7 carries... why cant u just admit the better team won. 2-0 buddy is 2-0... regardless of your sour grapes and ridiculous comparison.. almost had a td? jesus christ you can say that on every pass both teams made that was completed... thats so stupid.. fg's were actually missed.. TD'S were stopped.. you didnt block the fg's.. the kicker missed them. what a dumb dumb dumb comparison. sour grapes tho... its always would have should have could have.. if but.. etc... same thing withh the leafs, argos, blue jays, raptors... you cant just admit the better team won,, u gotta justify your loss by saying oh we shot ourselves in the foot.. well no, reality is our d ate your offense for breakfast.. your argument is so dumb.. we had 6 fg attempts.. based on your logic thats almost 6 touchdowns...

let me just say that I haven't had that much fun watching a defense in a really long time. that was awesome.

Another fantastic spirited effort by the D, no question. It's a long season but they are off to the start. Should only improve once Kent gets back on the field. I had my concerns about how effective a rush the front 3/4 would get without Hunt and all the talk of dropping back Willis into coverage but you can't argue with 7 sacks. And Willis has stayed away from the flags and shown great maturity and leadership. Offence is still a work in progress, trying to find its rhythm but its still early in the season and offences usually start a bit slower. I would only consider Montreal (no surprise) and BC and Edmonton (surprise) as offences that have clicked with some consistency. Calgary hadn't done much until the 2nd half of their 2nd game, Toronto has had some good moments but not consistent, Hamilton and Sask haven't looked all that great either. The offence still has time to get going, and at some point they'll have to win a game or two for the team this season, but until then it will be fun watching this D take out the opposition.