Nice Win

Well done Cats !! They looked at bit more like the team we saw earlier in the year. And grabbing AB3 has turned out well so far - He and Glenn have really opened up the passing game. I didn't get to see much of the game, but the running game seems a bit off, yes ? Is that a bi-product of better passing ?

Watching the Esks v Stamps ... Man, the Stamps offense is fun to watch !

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It was a Fair game but not a Great Labour Day Game
as Said before we left too many Points on the Field
we should won by 40+ You can't leave Majors on Field if want to beat the better teams our in league
Montreal Edmonton Calgary Saskatchewan If leave Points on Field they'll hurt you.
We got lucky if this would been a West Team or Montreal we could have lost.

It feels so good to get a win! I love it!

The past couple years have been awful. Only winning 2 games a season is heartbreaking! Big deal... we won 2 games. We were still totally out of the picture. But this year... well this year these wins MEAN something. We're looking at the possibility of a HOME PLAYOFF GAME! I could only imagine the atmosphere of a playoff game at IWS!!!

  • Arland Bruce III: I hated your guts when you played for the Argos. But, Sir, I am a fan. Great snag!
  • Nick Setta: Forget about that miss. You've still the man!
  • Kenton Keith: Looking forward to your return.
  • Jamall Johnson: You're a freaking animal!
  • All our FA signings: Thank you for choosing the 'Cats and having some faith.
  • Caretaker, Marcel and Obie: Thank you!
  • Argonauts: See you friday!

Right on...Yes, I'll take the win, BUT you gotta get into the end zone. We had the same problem with the Dallas Cowboys & it bit 'em in the butt...HARD. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the game. Credit the Defense for this one! They were flat out outstanding. Hey Rusty25, we're 2 points closer to the Als! I give kudos to the same people, by the way! :cowboy:

Welcome to Board Texas .. Hope are Enjoying the 3 Down Ball

May be fairly new, but not a total stranger to CFL: I was introduced to it in the mid-70's...Yes I actually remember last night's uniforms! Really do love the game, lotsa fun! 3 downs makes ya think a little more! So lets go pick up a couple more points!