Nice wheels on Ray

I was happy to see Ray run tonight. I've been wanting to see him run more for a while. I understand he's not a runner like Burris or Durant, and that part of the reason he topped 100 yards is because BC's run defence is non-existent, but still, I think Ray is capable of making some gains on the ground. I wish they'd call more runs for him. To be honest, as good as Whitlock is, we still don't have a running attack... not like other teams. We need to expand the offence.

That was interesting for sure. When did Jim Barker start calling our plays :wink:

If I had to bet they really watched a lot of film last week and saw the defences overplaying pass with Whitlock out such that massive gaps, as Ray exploited even without major wheels, were open.

Excellent coaching to change strategy by the Eskies, and one would have expected better adjustments in the second half from an experienced coach like Wally Buono, but wow he can't blame that loss on bonehead penalties too.

IMO any successful team today needs a running QB or at least a QB that can scramble. The day of the pocket passer or roll out passer is over in the CFL because the defence is too fast. With a pocket passer the defence knows where the QB is going to be in the same spot on every passing play so the defence does not need to rush and contain they just need to rush. That is why Ray was able to rush for so many yards because the BC defence had a defensive scheme that lacked containment.

Man, for a pocket passer he sure can fly.Great game by the Eskies, congrats :thup:

Not so. Three of the top four QBs in the league are pocket passers: Calvillo, Glenn, and Burris. That's right, I put Burris in that group, because that's what he is now: a pocket-passer. Sure, he knows when to take off and pick up the occasional first down or TD with his feet, but he now makes his living throwing from the pocket.

IMO all the talk about the death of the CFL pocket passer is vastly overblown.

Wow Discipline ...that's one of two of the best posts of all I have read on here in months with both coming in this past relatively slow week for comments on the game of gridiron football itself. :thup: :thup:

And so along with Wolverine's fine comments in the thread about NFL QB's suited to the CFL,:


I have to rethink some things about such potential QBs for the CFL.

Even so still I would not wish any CFL team any QBs from that terrible NFL QB list I put together in yet another thread about developing Canadian QBs: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=61509