Nice try Printers.....but our ballhawks will be waiting...

Get a load of if eh? :roll: ...... :lol:

Healthy Casey Printers sends deep threat message to Lions receivers

By Ron Sudlow (CP) – 7 hours ago


VANCOUVER, B.C. — Slotback Paris Jackson lengthened his stride and leaned forward just enough to make a fingertip grab as the ball spiralled over his head.

In a game it would have been a big gain. In Thursday's practice it was quarterback Casey Printers sending a message to his B.C. Lions receiving corps.

Printers wondered whether he could grip a football at the beginning of the week. Now, he's overthrowing receivers as he prepares for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the CFL's East Division semifinal (1 p.m. ET).

"The thumb's fine," said Printers who sprained the digit early in Saturday's 45-13 loss to the Edmonton Eskimos.

"I wanted to let them (receivers) know by throwing it too far that, hey, it's fine, so you need to get on your horse."

Whateverrrrrrrrrrrrrr :lol:

Click link to read the rest of this pile of horse dung from the Lions....too funny!..... oh, I missed all you receivers on purpose because, well, don'tcha know I'm the all powerful, all knowing, mega superstar, Casey Printers.....the popcorn man!....hahahaha :lol: :lol:

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I like this part........ :roll:

[b][i]Printers, the CFL's most outstanding player in 2004 with the Lions. said he felt hamstrung by Hamilton's ball-control offence and he's a better fit with B.C.

"It was drive, drive, drive, drive, then score," Printers said of his two years in Hamilton after a season on the sidelines of the NFL Kansas City Chiefs.

"Our offence is a natural ball-control type offence but we can add a certain dimension to it with the presence of the deep ball.

"We can dink, dink, dink, score but my talents enable us to push the ball at times down the football field."[/i][/b]

He really does love himself eh? .....and here I thought it was only a summer thing :lol:

Yes.........he is a dink.

Same old Printers, someone needs to tell him to put a sock in his mth and just play the game. AS far as the 6'7" monster they have to hassle Kevin he just needs to throw the ball before th giant even stands up.


We will see what happens Sunday!

I can t wait to see Printers reaction after we beat the Lions on Sunday <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D --> Welcome back to Hamilton Casey, its not going to be fun for you :lol:

Time Printers got knocked on his.... payback for playing like Cr... for the TiCats, im predicting 5 sacks and he takes himself out of the game :lol:

We all know that Printers doesn`t like to get hit. For an 0-3 record as a starter, he sure is confident :lol:

For an 0-3 record as a starter, he sure is confident :lol:
Well it was only a matter of time before the verbal diarrhea started to spew from Casey's big yap...

I remember well the many times when this "athlete" was firing balls into the turf short of his receivers.

He also took himself out of a game without an injury and on another occasion didn't go in because he wasn't "warmed up". This guy really is too much. Don't worry though... our defense is going to get him acquainted with the turf very early and will be bringing it all day long!

Prepare to be abused Casey... The fans will be loving it. You are going down hard.

For an 0-3 record as a starter, he sure is confident :lol:
Why isn't this being played up more?


Now I'm a nervous wreck and its not out of the realm of possibility that the Tiger-Cats could lose this game... but it would be a HUGE shame if they did.

I mean the season would still be a great turnaround and success but this game in particular would hurt alot if the Cats coming off a 3 win streak and the best team of the last month were to lose against a tail spinning Lion club with a QB who was last year's trash.

I'd just blitz him all game, as long as our players blitzing are smart and did their homework in knowing that he'll try to put a move on the blitzer every time instead of getting rid of the ball to the hot route, we cant come flying in out of control on him, that's the only way he is capable of making big plays.

The key is just to tackle him, they need to fight the urge to go for knock out hits, just get him on the ground and the second is to make him read the defence, make him a pocket passer. He doesnt like stepping up into the defensive tackles, that's not his comfort area at all.

The whole reason we've dominated the last three games was because Kevin Glenn finally bought into the whole ball-control offence, which also allows Kevin go deep when he needs to. By the fourth quarter, our defence will fresh as daisies and theirs will barely be able to stand....

Yeah, one clean hit from Justin Hickman, and nothing about him will be fine....!

We could take bets on how long it takes Printers to injure his other thumb.. his baby finger."??...chip a fingernail??? He's a baby..