Nice try but???????????

Oh for sure he did....Jyles was NOT the reason we lost...

You guys almost beat Hamilton in their own backyard with your starting QB and one of your starting receivers out and despite Bruce having another monster game. I'd say a good effort all around. Yes, Serna is brutal, but Jyles has shown a lot in the past three games. Once Pierce is back, the wins should start piling up.

just need to learn how to win these close games.. thats 3 games now decided by about 12 points combined..

3 to calgary, 2 to TDOT. 7 to hamilton.

12 points away from being 5-1 really.

i want to say tho if buck was playing, we probably win. but im not sure.

it was a good game, why did we lose? no idea. we just didnt capitalize when we had the opportunity.. missed fgs or not.. u need to score more than 22 points to win most games.

even if he did make those 2, thats 5 points added on.. we still lose 29-27.. or maybe we kick the fg at the end to win but... its hard to say what would have happened if those 2 were made. it changes the game completely.

it did seem like the bombers dominated for the most part of the game, Time Of Possesion certainly indicates that.. but we just didnt capitalize on our chances. serna missed yup.. but u can also say.. bombers failed to score 3tds inside the 30 yard line aswell.

....sorry to have to put a pin in everyones baloon regarding on the CATS site...under Medlocks Status

date Aug. 4th....Carolina Panthers have announced the signing of Justin Medlock this afternoon after failed tryouts with Deroit and Washington......IF that's true...somebody better do a little better research.....He's not available according to this :roll:

well it is the wpg sun :stuck_out_tongue: so take it for what its worth.

really i think gould is the more likely option.

We were talking about this sometime ago when fans wanted DeAngelis and Palardy released.He is NOT currently available.But after watching this game, Sandro's back to his old self and Eric Wilbur is miles ahead of Palardy so we're good.Ito was a good FG kicker but sucked on punts.I'd go with Setta over him anyday as Setta would also make a brilliant backup for Renaud.

As I said, he is not on the Panthers' roster at their website, there is nothing on their website about him and his signing is not included in the NFL transactions. The posts in the Cats section do not have a link or provide a source for the information and there isn't anything in the Raleigh or Charlotte newspapers about his signing. I tried doing a search using some of the text from those stories and there were no hits.

The quotes in those posts said "The Panthers had orginally planned to pin their kicking hopes on Rookie Kicker Todd Carter" but Carter had been signed as a kick-off specialist, not to be the regular kicker.

I stand to be corrected, but it seemed to me that after Suber was getting beat consistently by Bruce in the first half, Kent did replace him for most if not all of the second half. . .

About play-calling...anyone know what was SUPPOSED to happen on the last play? We're on the 3, Jyles turns around and stands still with the ball out and no one comes for it...

What I thought was supposed to happen was, we score a TD and 2 point convert and win by 1. Just dreaming. I think Blue Blood was reading my mind. After the game I told my rookie fan buddy the exact same thing. Injuries, rookies and inexperience ( except for Serna ) were why we lost. We have to be patient, they’ll turn it around. It was still a pretty exciting game, hardly any fans left the stadium til after the final play. We are still making mediocre teams look good with our inconsistency. And my friend wants to take his football hating wife to the next game no matter who’s playing. He can’t believe that the NFL gets more press than the CFL. He was like a kid in a candy shop, really excited. I know I 've got another convert to notch on my gun.Today we’re going to sit in my garage, have a few pops, and watch the game all over again.

Excellent news about your guest for the game DAN, if you couldn't get excited over that game, then football probably isn't for you.

Re: the last play, Lapo said it was a naked boot leg, Jyles was supposed to take it himself but the Hamilton end read it and crashed on him before he could get the edge.

.....We seem to have a problem with the 'hurry-up' offence...We have to get over the ball faster and squeeze all the time we can get out of those dieing seconds....I don't think we did that and it cost us....Maybe a little more work in practice on that facet of the game....Could be our guys are too 'green' but that's all the more reason to work on getting a play off quicker...Guys i'd look at replacing....Serna, Suber, and Davis didn't do anything that impressed me that much...Po'd me more than anything with his costly off sides...I know it was his first shot but again all the more reason to at least get the snap-count down...doesn't look good for him....I thought Lapo was going to hit him in the back of the head when he returned to the sidelines...he wasn't happy...We have to get better cover guys....and Mr. Serna better get ready to pack his gear....i've seen enough of him...Liking a player for his personality is one thing but geez, when the cards are all on the table and you can't perform :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: He let the team down..

Good points papa, and I concur that Serna, Davis, and Suber really hurt the team's chances in this one.

For Serna it's obvious why, you just can't miss makeable FGs like that like and expect to come out on top.

For Davis, his offsides were really bad. . . I know it was his first game as a Bomber, but come on, he's been practising with the team all along so there's really no excuse for not knowing the snap count. . . that's pretty basic stuff. . . LaPo was justifiably upset with the guy.

For Suber, seems to me that Kent pretty much replaced him for the lion's share of the second half. . .but didn't do appreciably better in covering (or trying to cover) Bruce. I'd put that down more to Bruce being on his game, again, than I would to Suber or Kent being found lacking.

On the bright side, I was really impressed with Courtney Smith at LB. . . I think you've got a keeper there.

Well, you guys definitely have one heck of a backup quarterback. Jyles can play, threw for 350 yards and that was with pretty good pressure in his face all night and without one of his better recievers. :thup:

Is Reed running a Stubler-style match defense in Winnipeg? I love the front-four and the pressure they generally bring, but I am not sure you guys have the horses in your back eight to be effective switching off at the line. You would think Reed would have a few double Z/X coverages specifically designed to take a hot receiver out of the play in crucial second-down situations, but I kept seeing Bruce one-on-one against hapless Bomber halfbacks who were in chase mode all night.

When the season started I was so happy we had gone past the Kelly disaster I was willing to wait until the Labor Day Classic before saying much. Still willing to wait. We agreed to go with a rookie ccoach so he has to learn too... I hope. Other than the game themselves I have to admit I was never one for the feel good meetings that bring some to cry. This is a sport and forget this feel good thing and go out and smack people without taking stupid penalties.

Based on having reviewed the games a few (many) times. It would seem Logan made Suber look pretty good in the first few games. I had been a supporter of Serna because I felt he had to work with new people for some of the games. Now... not so much.

Yes, upon reflection, while Serna, Davis, and Suber~Kent hurt the Bombers' chances of a victory, main responsibilites really appear to lie with LaPolice for a poor play selection on the last play of the game (to his credit, he's manned up and accepted responsibility and admitted to making a poor choice) and with Reed for leaving inexperienced DHBs like Suber in the first half and then Kent in the second half in single coverage on Arland Bruce.

....we all know what Bruce can do.... AND he was coming into the game HOT....any coach should have realized that you should pay extra attention to Arland....he's a one-man wrecking crew...What Reed was thinking escapes me MadJack???...The only other real threat was Stalla on the Cats receiving corps...double teaming Bruce was the way to go ...poor judgement by Kavis for sure.. :roll:

Teams have to watch out for Maurice Mann too.He's just having a little bit of a slump right now, but let's not forget Bruce was slumping the first few weeks also.

haha who... cuz arland bruce is a superstar.. mann had 1 good year with ricky ray.