Nice try but???????????

…I sometimes wonder if this team is much ahead of Kellys losers… :roll:

…Taking too many men penalties…c’mon what;s with that :thdn: coaching questions…////???
…Serna is not a professional field goal kicker…bring back westwood he could’ve kicked a 19 yarder :thdn: left six sure points on the field
…The Jyles experiment should be over… gutsy effort but…we’re going nowhere but the basement without Buck…wait a minute ///we’re in the basement :lol:

Nice game anyway with the injury replacements…if we don’t get some key people in key spots performing better…namely difference maker Buck…free-fall and adios… :wink:

jyles played well. coaching is frustrating tho.

why not down the ball at the end, spike it to stop the clock.. stupid play calling.

bombers once again manage to beatt themselves.

jyles only missed 10 11 passes.. several throw aways. he played fine. our d played fine.

it was 2 missed fgs... got a single off one so 22+5 = 27 means chip shot to win however, hamilton also went for 2 so if we have 27.. hamilton kicks the single making it 30-30.

crap crap crap play calling.

just... i dunno. that fumble of jyles cost us momentum and the game.

starting tackle is out also.. that hurts. douglas i guess?

Frustrating as hell for sure.

On the bright side, Serna should be cut by Monday morning (fingers crossed).

You have to remember, not only do we have a lot of rookie starters, we have a rookie HC too, let's hope they all learn from this.

What a ridiculous call btw, 9 seconds is enough time for 2 shots at the end zone. Typical over thinking of the situation by our HC.

....tell me the hell do ya take a too many men penalty EVER..after this coaching crew paid the ultimate in the Cup last year because of it......I don't know what we can do about Serna....too cold and hot for me....He looked great in the Cal game with his punting then he goes into Ivor Wynn into some kind of funk and stinks the place out...We have to correct that or this team will continue to pay for his peepoor play....This loss was not Jyles fault....sure he coughed it up at a crucial time...but long before that, Bruce schooled our green secondary...What the hell is wrong with double teaming the guy and let Glenn throw to the rest of hit and miss receivers ...Stella was the only other threat besides a coulple of rookies....Up until this point in time in the season i think we have suffered the most crucial injuries....It;s telling....What's the reason....poor conditioning or just weak personell....You have to be tough to play this game resilient and smart....Watch Bruce...he knows how to take a hit....When was the last time you seen this guy take a knee or come-up limping....Not often if ever...This could be the difference in the end for us this season...poor off season conditioning....Nother question ...Is Suber really the answer in the secondary...He was in chase mode most of the night(not only him to be fair) but Bruce made him look foolish...Back to the drawing board :roll: :roll: I don't like the looks of things right now... :thdn:

I doubt Serna will be around for next practice. Apparently Mack was on the half time show on the radio and called the two misses excusable. No thanks to Westwood but maybe Medlock will get a call.

...Medlock has signed on with another nfl team last i heard....i think we might be a little late :wink: Those misses by Serna were inexcusable....any kicker makes those....and i don't want to hear the excuse it was the holder....pigseye was right-on awhile back....we should have gone after Medlock at that point in time...Slow to learn =Slow burn :twisted: Things better start moving quickly ....we got these guys AGAIN next game :roll:

I realized too late after I posted that I made a spelling mistake. I meant to say that Mack called the two misses by Serna inexcusable, not excusable. :oops: D'OH!!!

I haven't seen anything in the media that Medlock has signed with anyone. I think he's still available.

i doubt he's the guy they bring in tho. my guess.. a canadian kicker or 2. we have one in our own backyard called scott dixon.

…i followed this a bit and seen a blurb ,that Medlock was signed by the Carolina Kittys last week…it also said he was a good friend of Sernas…go figure???..Medlock is automatic…Serna is a single-shot sure miss…How are these guys even friends :lol: :lol: Unless there is a canuck out there with a golden toe…we are hooped my friends :lol:

Medlock is not listed on the Panthers roster. I remember seeing an article in the Sun where Medlock talked about being friends with Serna but I can't find anything on the net that says Medlock has signed with anyone. There's also nothing listed in the transactions section of the NFL website and it includes some transactions dated today so it's up-to-date.

Serna has to go...I'm so tired of wondering if he's gonna make it no matter where he lines up. We should be surprised when our kicker misses, not when he makes one.

Pretty sure I read that Medlock did sign with another team. Where's Nick Setta? Or what about that guy Hamilton had at the end of last year? Ito, was it? He was decent. He's probably Hamilton's kicker this year if they didn't get DeAngelis.

I agree...Lots of rookie's on this team, so to a certain degree, mistakes are to be expected. But, we're now heading into the second third of the season. Time for the brain-cramps to end. I still think the future is bright. This team has been in every game they've played this season, except one. They've put up over 500 yards twice in games they lost. Good things are going to happen to this team.

From an article just posted on the Sun's website by Penton:

One option is former Toronto Argonauts placekicker Justin Medlock, who is still hoping to land an NFL job after failed tryouts in Washington and Detroit. Another kicker the Bombers had on their radar recently, according to a CFL source, is Chris Gould, the younger brother of Chicago Bears kicker Robbie Gould.
[url][/url]'re like uber-google... LOL You find everything.

They need to bring someone in for sure.

One of my hobbies is genealogy so I do a LOT of research on the internet. Experience is the key - sort of like playing football. LOL

grrrr. i was just gonna post that

[url=] ... 57911.html[/url]

need to bring in competition b4 releasing him.

just gonna add.. while injuries arent an excuse they kind of are as we are generally a new team, new guys.. they need time to gel and it seems every week someone is getting hurt.

douglas got hurt tonight.. forcing us to go with fritz who took a bad penalty.. which is why i noticed him.. but...

u gotta remember this is a rebuilding team playing with their backup qb in the other teams building in what was essentialy a must win game for hamilton.

Well, I appreciate all the facts and stories you find. Thanks for that!

Other than Serna, what did you think?

ill answer this too :slight_smile:

i thought the bombers played ok.. not great but ok. over 500 yards of offense for the bombers again in a loss. i just.. it seems with jyles in there, we cant capitalize on mistakes the other teams make. we had an int there.. we didnt capitalize on it, jyles fumbled.. 4 plays later.. TD HAMILTOn.

reid and bowman showed up.. i think losing jeffers-harris hurts as davis seems to like going backwards instead of forwards. i think injuries are also a concern. we need time for players to gel and with all the injuries its tough to do.

ill say this too.. beasley looked good as a kick returner, so good they started kicking away from him.
hicks looked ok too, lots of big hits and second leading tackler on the team.

i thought our d was too conservative, lots of man coverage tonight it seemed, didnt blitz alot, i understand why as if u blitz glenn he just dinks and dunks for 5 here, 5 there all night.

if hamilton didnt have bruce.. they would be terrible.

while blaming serna is easy to do... i think the jyles fumble later in the game was the turning point.

we had all the momentum and then jyles fumbles and thats the game really.

i know ppl like to talk about.. serna makes those and we win but NOPE.. he makes those its a different game all together...

im happy competition is being brought in as i feel every one needs to be pushed.

we are young, i see alot of upside with this team.. just need to give them all some time to gel..

lets see what happens when most our players are healthy.

just one more thing... defensive play calling needs to improve as does our mental approach to these games as we seem to take alot of really stupid dumb dumb dumb penalties that reallly..are just lack of concentration and most of those penalties are on defense and occur on the other teams missed 2nd down attempt giving them either a 2nd chance at 2nd down or an automatic first down.

I agree with most of what you say, Killer...

Bowman, Reid, and even Ralph were pretty good tonight...Poor Freddy got stuck at 98 yards. :?

I thought the biggest problem was at Safety...Browne just was not involved at all tonight. Logan can't come back soon enough.

I thought Hicks and Smith were pretty good at LB...might like to see Kent in at HB in Suber's spot next week. Other than that, and the major coaching gaff at the end of the game, I was pretty happy with the effort...

and eventho i think the turning point was jyles fumble.. i thought for a guy playing his 4th start.. he played well enough to win.