Nice Touch done by Canucks for Wally Buono

I saw the Vancouver Canucks had Wally drop the puck wearing a Canucks jersey prior to the Canadiens - Canucks game earlier this week. Classy idea by the Canucks to honour Wally and good p.r. for the CFL. Good job Canucks!! :rockin: :rockin: :thup: :thup: :thup: :x

Classy move for sure.

and vancouver has the ugliest jersey in both leagues.

While I agree the Canucks jersies are fugly, the Lions have the BEST jersies in the CFL!


dood, even the cheerleaders dress terrible. honestly…

the black and silver was good…

lol wat? Black/silver was horrible. Orange is far better. I really like our alternate jersies.

I really liked this for sure, not something you'd see the Leafs do with MLSE who hates the CFL and Argos, not sure about my Habs with the outgoing owner Gillette. But I was impressed with the Nucks doing this big-time! Might have to pick up a Nucks hat or something and wear it.

I disagree about the Canuck unis- they went through some terrible changes.. remember the ones that had the huge colourful 'V'? The home jerseys were yellow(or gold) and the away black.. those are easily the worst jerseys ever worn by a pro sports franchise in ANY league. I don't think the Lions colours are that bad.. but they are a bit Halloweenish...

... and Hallowe'en is coming up! :smiley:

.. and dressing as a BC Lion would scare a lot of kids.. :lol: :lol:

Seems to scare Edmonton fans at least. :smiley:

Like that time when they retired the Expos at Bell Centre and slapped the Habs jerseys on Carter and Dawson? Talk about awkward. That was their only gesture towards baseball. The Habs don't care about anyone but themselves when it comes to sports in Montreal. I'll have to see if I can find anything that the Leafs have done to at least honour the Argos. There have only been so many notable achievements in recent years, so it may have to go back to a Damon Allen accomplishment. I think I remember him being at a Leaf game. He has ties to baseball. It's worth a look to see if he had an interaction with the Jays.

Might have to pick up a Nucks hat or something and wear it.
Cause and effect. He shoots. He scores.

Yes Tecmo and I'll have to give Rogers some credit here, ok they put a picture of Trent Edwards on the RC and no Argos, low class but they have to sell a Bills game, fine, but they did have Cohon through out a pitch last year at a Jays game, and do give the Argos an exellent deal on rent. I'll put Rogers over MLSE as supporters of the CFL/Argos and they have had Rogers CFL player awards.

MLSE hates the CFL and Argos even more than the Lindish Rogers company.

Yes, Habs I'm looking to drop as my favourite team, quick, I think I just might have to go to the Nucks, Flames also honoured the Stamps win last year I believe.

No, no. The retro unis the Philadelphia Eagles wore a couple seasons ago. That was the worst uni EVER! :lol:

Canucks uni's are 1000X better than To's or Montreal's....barf!

I have to agree, the cheerleaders should just lose their uniforms completely! :smiley:

I like how you think.

Ironically, Wally Buono received a bigger ovation at the Canucks game than he did when he was honoured before the last game at B.C. Place. :?

I love the Leos’ retro uniforms - very classy. I hope we’ll see a ‘home’ version of it next year.

Not a huge fan of either the Lions’ current home or away (white helmets - not enough black) but I do like the 3rds.

Although rhymes 18000 or so people in a packed sardine house, an arena, will be more evident than 25000 in a larger football stadium that is just about half full where the sound can get lost more.

I'm not a Lions or Canucks fans by any stretch of the imagination and I thought it was a nice gesture. As for the Canucks current uniforms, they are much better than the Orca of a few years ago, IMO you take away "Vancouver" off the front and they are pretty solid. The "Vancouver" looks awkward on an otherwise nice looking uniform.