Nice touch by CFL re: Nik Lewis

Nice touch by Ambrosie to extend the OT with a beautiful ceremony to Mr. Lewis.

Kudos to TSN for letting the CFL have some extra air - they usually cut away to baseball hi-lites and NBA trades within 5 secons of game end.

Good stuff. Particularly to The Thikman!

nice and well said.

great coverage by TSN as well. A record that will last a long time.

For sure, nicely done!

…awesome job Nik!..both here and in Montreal the guy has been nothing but a contributor to his team…glad to see he gets a record in the books…

Glad he got the record. Class act. Nice to see him thank the Stamps and Popp for restarting his career in Montreal. Travelling last night so I missed the game but got home in time to catch TSNs interview after the game. Well done.

Don't forget the hockey roundtable talking about what Austin Mathews had for breakfast

If anyone were to look at Nik Lewis, you would swear there's no way this guy will ever be the record holder for most career receptions.

Congrats to him on a great on the great accomplishment and wonderful career.

He's not the "athlete" he used to be but he's been able to adapt his game and still be effective. Doesn't hurt that he can catch almost anything he can get a hand on.

Lewis deserves just as much and maybe more credit for maturing as a person on and off the field. He used to be one of the leaders of the Clown Act that the Stumps had/have and was a real d-bag. He really seems to have grown up a lot and that is commendable.