Nice to see the Ticat Pride Roaring Again!!

After all the BS that's been going on for the last few weeks/months which seems to have split the City. Its was certainly nice to see all the Ticat pride showing up in great numbers during our 5th annual Labour Day Tailgate Bash in LotJ and continue to pour out onto the street post game!!

It was great to see all of Tigertown come out and support our local tradition that's been in Hamilton for 141 years! Here's to more Ticat Labour Day games in the City of Hamilton!!

Oskee Wee Wee!

while it was great, theres always some drunken idiot at IWS trying to start fights with people that put a damper on the day :thdn:

other then that, great day!

Its always a shame that a few of those show up to every game in every stadium.... Its too bad there wasn't a way to pre-screen for idiots at the gate and keep them outta the stadium.

I saw some drunk idiots picking fights with the ArgoNotes band.. I mean its a bad idea to bring your band to the tailgate party where everyones drinking.. One guy ran and ninja kicked the drummer's big drum! It was hilarious to watch but stupid to do.

Lmao! :lol:

When the Argos get into a real football stadium at York Univ. shortly and hence a more football atmosphere, the favour may be returned.

No this isn't a stadium post, I don't think anyway. :wink:

I thought it was a great day at the ol' Ivor. Didn't have the drama that often goes with a good Classic, but a solid win. Also, gotta say, I love the endzone, but the fans up in Sec 21 were bringin' it today! Was a fun section to be in. The only real morons I saw were the Argo fans giving the section the finger on the way to the concourse -- and ended up being showered with beer.

Looked like everyone up there was having a great time. Might have to sit there again next game.

(Edit -- and, contrary to the previous posts, I thought the fans were pretty well behaved, overall.)

Yeah, really funny. Somebody's going to get hurt one of these times. I doubt the band will be back at the tailgate. Which is a shame because most Hamilton fans are great and the tailgate is usually a lot of fun, but there were too many knuckleheads out on Labour Day this year.

The Argo band has come to the Labour Day game and played at the tailgate for ten years. I'm surprised to read here that this is a bad idea. We thought it was supposed to be fun for everybody, but unfortunately some "fans" today think that the way to support their team is to attack the fans of the other team.

My sincere thanks to the many Ticat fans who thanked Argonotes for coming today.

What do you honestly expect when you go to the busiest game of the year with tons of once a year fans who take the partying overboard??

Exactly.This is THE game, next to playoff games of course.Everybodies going to show and everybodies going to party hard.
If you don't like it there's always family sections :lol:

Yep, that's exactly the attitude to have. While I completely disagree with any sort of physical violence or property destruction (in the case of the person ninja kicking the person's drum), Argo fans, whether they are playing musical instruments or not, should expect the respect that the average Torontonian has for Hamilton: ZERO!

If you come to Ivor Wynne in the tailgate dressed in blue, you should be respectful. Trying to take over the party with an obnoxious musical playing band was too much, and guess what, fans responded exactly how they should have. Similarly, Argos fans in the stadium that try to "take over the party" can expect rough treatment in the form of non-stop vocal abuse from the surrounding fans, until they shutup and watch the game.

It IS OUR stadium and OUR team and OUR city, we don't have to be polite to obnoxious Toronto fans, especially ones that have the disrespect and lack of personal integrity to try to take over our tailgate party and pollute the noise and atmosphere with their obnoxious ill-performed noise.

Really funny? ... not sure I wasn't there but it sounds pretty funny.

Its all about being smart. you know your in Hamilton where people hate the argos, so watch what you do. Labour day is a special game much like a playoff game, where you will get people who aren't real fans they just wanna say they were there. most of those people are younger and like to drink.

BoxJBoys, right on. The events today before the game at Scott Park shows what the team and fans are really all about. Everyone having a great time and excited waiting for the game. I said to my buddy, wouldn't it be nice if the whole city council had actually been here to see what this all means.

As to the Argo Band, we spent an hour or more at the tail-gate and everyone seemed to be enjoying them as they moved through the area, singing along with some of the songs and cheering the football tunes. They always play the Ti-Cat "fight song". Kind of lends itself to the atmosphere.

that explains why they were so quiet during the whole game. I sat 2 rows in front
of them in box F and was eagerly awaiting them to 'strike up the band' My wife kept
saying to me 'don't do it' as i kept looking over my shoulder waiting for a reason to pounce.
Good game Cats, first place next week!!! (My wall paper on my phone is now a pic of me
being the conductor of the argonotes) taken at the end of the game

That's extremely disappointing to hear. Actually, it's shameful behaviour. Those that commit such acts and even condone them need to mature into responsible members of society. The CFL is supposed to be a community. That 'ninja' disgraced the league, the team, and the city. People of this sort are better served by the now legal cage fighting and perhaps illegal activities involving pit bulls.

Trying to take over the party? The Argonotes have been coming down to the Labour Day tailgate for the last 10 years. Their arrival in Hamilton epitomizes the spirit of the rivalry. Usually the only people that don't like them performing at the tailgate are the "fans" that show up once a year and make asses of themselves because they can't handle their liquor. Those are the people that are trying to take over the party. Your attitude is embarrassing. If the Argonotes choose not to come next year, our tailgate will be poorer for it.

I've actually heard longtime fans saying, "thanks for coming its great to see such support for your team. Have a beer and make sure you have a good time. BTW Argos suck HeHeHe. Just let us know if anyone is giving you a hard time, we'll take care of it."

BANG ON! :thup: When are these idiots going to realise that these Argofans are paying guests in OUR HOUSE! I think the cops and security should throw the idiots out at the first sign of trouble. Ban them...we don't need them here. the tailgate at Scott Park was a great display of comradarie of all CFL fans...AS IT SHOULD BE! :thup: :thup:

Its sad but as an usher and working with security and the police we have to maintain an eye on our own fans much more than the visiting team's fans. Sadly some folks simply don't understand that type of behavior is wrong on every level and every big game we end up removing a few of them :cry:

the majority of CFL fans are just that: CFL FANS.

many argo fans are following the hamilton stadium debate and hoping that hamilton, not toronto, gets the new Pan-am stadium.

many of the ticat fans were great yesterday, and those are the moments i will try to remember the most. the argo fans shaking hands with the cat fans, engaging in CFL related conversations and being very polite with eachother and having a great day.

unfortunately, its the idiots that stick out the most.

i was in one of the mens rooms at halftime, and was shocked to see a drunken cats fan trying to start a fight with a couple argo fans, who were merly standing in line for a urinal in argo jerseys. when some cats fans told him to stop being a dick-head, he pushed the cat fans....luckly the argo fans and those older cat fans all walked away, but it had potential to get nasty, cuz im certain the other cats fans in the washroom woulda jumped the argo fans not knowing who started it, had the argo fans stood up for themselves.

but, im gonna try to focus on the positives.
great day, didnt rain, cats win, and 30,000+ go home happy ( except those dressed in blue ).