Nice to see some razzle dazzle

I was absolutely amazed to see Fantuz pitch the ball to Grant early in the game, nothing like this has happened with this team that I can remember. We have always been sooooo predictable that to show a little imaginatiion and innovation was exciting and refreshing. I'm not saying we should come up with a lot of trick plays but to throw something like this into the mix will put the opposition on edge. I remember at one time we would use two kick returners, one would catch the ball and at the last moment would lateral it off to the other who would run the opposite direction, never see that any more.

Anyway, I was a great game and a great win, maybe we have turned the corner.

I really enjoyed all that too. :thup:

Maybe we could get really bold on special teams and try a fake - I loved the one Calgary did to Winnipeg.

Yeah they got that from an NFL game, can't remember who. I would just like to see the Cats incorporate some new plays both offensive and defensive just to put some doubt in our opponents heads.

That was Stala, not Fantuz. Stadium announcer got it wrong.

Um, I hope you are joking or are just too young to realize that the play is called "Hook and Ladder" and has been around in football for 30, 40 or if not 50 years.

We did not steal it from some NFL game.

It's a play that isn't seen very often but it's been around for a long time in both the CFL and NFL.

And the best part is that comment came from someone named "longtimefan". :lol:

The only problem with that hook and ladder play is that there wasn't much of a hook. Normally, the hook and ladder is done with two players in crossing routes going in opposite directions. The hook is that the defenders start to move in the direction of the receiver, and get burned by the ladder going the other way. On this play, Stala and Grant were both moving the same direction, and Stala didn't have the ball long enough to influence the defenders much. I'm glad it worked, and I'm happy to see some innovation, but the way that play was designed, it could have gone much worse.

Alan_Cooper and JerkFaceLoser, Thanks for your comments, and I have been around for a long time, hence the username.
However I do have to apologize for the comment about getting it from the NFL. I was mistakenly referring to a fake field goal that Calgary pulled off against Winnepeg and not the H & L. I was thinking one thing and typed another, sorry about that!!

The whole point of the post was to state that innovative plays are not used much anymore in the CFl. And whether is was the H & L or the fake field goal, or a double reverse, it is good to see again after all these years and I hope the Cats will use this type of deception more.

And thanks to CatsFaninOttawa for clearing it up.

That play was impressive. It's one of the Top 10 Plays of the Week.
Ticats feature prominently on the list. So many great plays this week, Stala's 80+ yard TD catch didn't even make it. Bakari is in there twice!

The Packers used it against the Bears the night before, so I don't know that you could say the "got it from them". I'm sure they already had worked on it, and didn't just try it out for the first time on game day. Although they may have gotten the idea to go ahead and use it after the Packers did it.

AMAZING...just AMAZING...the unexpected is always refreshing...this is our game and razzle dazzle is the way to play it...well done everyone...yes even to the HC & DC...I'm not completely sold on them but it's sure a down payment!!!

To be honest, I'm not a fan of razzle dazzle. It is usually used when you can't move the ball. Remember when the Argos used razzle dazzle on special teams a couple years ago? It was because their offense couldn't move the ball.

Razzle dazzle is okay if it works. If not, you look stupid for trying it.

Next week look for the fumble rooskie and against Montreal the statue of liberty.