Nice To See American Interest In The CFL Growing

Can't help but notice there seems to be a growing number of American CFL fans posting here on our forum. With the CFL being shown on the NFL Network I can only see this trend continue. I'd like to welcome all of our new American fans and I look forward to reading your comments on various topics as the season moves forward.

As an American with a very strong interest in the CFL (since 1969), I still can't believe that the only real option I have for viewing the games is over the internet. Getting the CFL on the NFL Network is great if you get the NFL Network (it is on Dish Network and Direct TV) but I don't have Direct TV. I use cable; so I am out of luck. What really bums me is that last night one of the ESPN channels was showing the AFL (Aussie Rules Football) and yet they don't broadcast the CFL. You can't tell me that the AFL pulls in better numbers than the CFL would if it was on an ESPN Channel. Maybe all the American fans of the CFL can start a letter writing campaign to ESPN. Considering TSN's and ESPN's close ties, you would think that putting the CFL on an ESPN channel would be a natural. Maybe by next season they will get this thing straightened out. At least getting on the NFL Network is a positive step in the right direction.

I have friends in Arizona and they were interested in watching the Rider game, but they don't get NFL Network either. But I guess they had highlights on ESPN after.

You would think the NFL Network would be a more common channel in the USA.

Add me too the list...I really like wide-open Run & Shoot Football like Hawaii and SMU ...and well thats the whole a new fan I'm playing catch up on the history..the CIS schools and the rules of the CFL.....thank god for the NFL network...CFL in HD :rockin:

I find it really strange that the NFL network is on cable in Canada, but not in the US.

Welcome Americans! :slight_smile:

As an American football fan who finally got to watch the CFL last season on espn360 I can honestly say the NFL Network deal is a godsend to me! Finally the CFL in HD on my big ass tv at home where I can enjoy it with my friends & family. Even better was the incredible week 1 offering we received with the Grey Cup rematch ending the way the Grey Cup game should have lol. Just wanted to say thanks for the warm welcome and I look forward to one day making the trip to see a CFL game live. Now I just have to decide which team will be my team, since Lord knows my NFL team is going to have a rough year
(St. Louis Rams) and hopefully my CFL team will fare better.

So, not the Argos. :wink:

I'd suggest you try to go to a western city to catch a live game. Particularly Regina. Roughrider games are a madhouse and it's just a fun place to be. Calgary and Edmonton can get into it too, and BC looks good this year in their temporary smaller stadium. Even Winnipeg when they're winning (and they look competitive this year).

Toronto is an easy place to get tickets and has a lot to do as a city, but the stadium is far too large and sterile. It's not a great football atmosphere. Hamitlon is kind of a pain to get to but has some fun (and long suffering) fans, and Montreal is usually sold out.

Rams are what color blue and gold, Looks like your already half way to becoming a Bomber fan Bud!

Welcome to all American CFL fans, glad to have you. :thup: And bring your buddies along for the games

Poor fella :lol:
Just playin', Bomber fans are some of the best and the stadium experience rocks.
I must say though IWS (Hamilton) was an amazing fan experience but guess what? They now place 2-3 cops near the opposing teams entry tunnel so you can't heckle em' anymore.Now that away fans have realized the cops are there in force these days, we also can't heckle them as much anymore without unnecessary intervention.Not to mention all the signs they confiscate now that they never would've before.How's that for the man kicking the game day experience in the nads?
Luckily I have a big mouth so I can heckle players and fans from far away :lol:

I've said this before and I'll say it again, with over 50 mil football fans in America, if even a tiny % of them follow CFL in the NFL off-season this league has the potential to earn some good money in the future, esp from some of the up-and-coming networks that are known to take on risks and lose money to gain market share from the leading sports networks like ESPN and Fox. CFL has to believe in their product and try hard though and make some sacrifices in the short term.

NFL network which has a small reach and which many ISP's block are OK start but CFL can do better if they think long term. Give away the rights to networks like Versus in a long contract (4-5 years) or even pay a small amount if necessary in exchange for good promotion/coverage, including on their version of the 'SportsCenter'. Let VS build an audience and keep all the revenues. With proper coverage over time the numbers will grow to a point that they themselves will likely offer to pay when it's time for renewal or another, bigger network will swoop in with better offer.

If soccer, likely the 5th or 6th most popular sport in the US, can get $120 mil+ USD in rights fee out of this market annually, no reason CFL can't get at least 1/10th of that. With that extra $10 mil all of a sudden they can increase the salary cap to $5.2 mil per team, enough to keep some of the stars from leaving for NFL or entice more players to sign here. Or they can use that for better marketing at home or simply pocket it (better profit margin = bigger increase in franchise value and more interest from the investors, including in expansion franchises). The possibilities are endless.

The Casinos are banned by MLB to show any CFL games. If you want to watch
one has to travell 70 miles(120 kilometers) . In a town Pahrump . They do have casinos
who show CFL ..

The internet helps. Being able to watch all the games online during a time when we are starved for football is too good to pass up. I'll watch them all, as long as the feed doesn't start and stop a lot, which is sometimes a problem.

anybody able to find the ratings on the game this weekend on NFL network?

I have been a fan of the CFL since around 1982 when ESPN carried games.It has been hit and miss when I have been able to watch games.Last tyear was the first year I was able to follow on a consistnet basis thanks to the internet.Like one fellow poster I can't get the NFL network which sucks but the internet will to do for now.I am hoping Winnipeg gets back to being a contender every year like they were during the days on Dieter Brock and Tom Clements.
The Montreal vs Saskakatchewan rematch was a barn burner and I am hoping the NFL might have one or two games to match them this year.All of the returns for touchdowns this year have been fantastic.Hamilton seems to have found a star in the making in Marcus Thigpen.
Keep up the great play because you have a fan for life.One day I hope to get the chance to see game in person. :cowboy:

I would LOVE to see the CFL get a proper U.S. tv deal on Versus or HDnet but I am not complaining about the NFL Network deal at least for now. Although I am slightly distressed about only getting 1 game a week on tv, but it is better then me trolling online trying to find streams like I did last year or watching games after the fact on the espn360 site.

No love for the European fans :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice to see English interest in the CFL growing too ... or, well, existing. :smiley:

Ha-ha thanks, it wont be long before CFL gets broadcast in Europe i mean we have the NCAA and the NFL and they both get good ratings, i have been spreading the CFL name and some people like it others dont like it because of the 3 downs format but i personally enjoy the 3-down thing.

I have been spreading the CFL name and some people like it others don't like it because of the 3 downs format but i personally enjoy the 3-down thing.
Just tell them that football was invented in Canada and the game has always been played with 3-downs, even in the U.S. until 1912.