Nice tickets get Destory by Gate Staff Why waste the money

For 2nd Time I had one of photo tickets Rip by gate staff. It Destroys the Look of Ticket as a Keep Sake.

If your going Rip the Tickets Give us ticket master ones.

Or Please Scan them at the gate..

8) I questioned the fact that they were ripping the tickets off at the bottom portion last game also. The young lady informed me that the scanners were not working that particular night !!! :roll:

Hey Tom,

I had a young lady rip my two tickets apart oh so carefully. I guess I just look meaner than you so she wanted to be very careful with mine. (LOL). Growl at your ticket taker the next time and see if he/she is more careful. It may work. Either that or it will get you banned from IW. Your call.

At least one of the ticket takers at the west gate was ripping tickets in the manner described earlier.

I realize it's faster and easier to just rip the tickets rather than follow the perforations, but it's annoying to those who like to keep them as souvenirs. My girlfriend likes to collect them and she was pretty ticked off.

They dont know, they just rip and move on. If you see that happening just pre fold your stub so its at a bit less than a 90 degree where the perfs are and ask politely if they would be kind to your stub. Its all you can do and it works every time. They understand and if they dont just explain, its a collector stub, please rip on the fold.

8) Or better yet, just tear off that bottom portion yourself, in front of the ticket taker of course !!

Now people are complaining about ticket takers and how they are ripping the tickets?

Now its getting silly.

just a little bit lol
i rember 2 years ago when all we had was the plain ticket master look and everyone hated them.

Complaining about people who save these tickets
can be viewed as silly, too, LJtg, or even insulting.

No insult intended by my comment, LJtg.


One man's treasure is another man's trash.

It has ever been thus.

Is there really anything about the home games this season that you really want to remember??/ lol

Exactly! I was thinking the same thing.

Just looking at my stubs from the Sask and Edmonton games pisses me right off.


You shoulda went to the Rogers centre for the Cat game

I did :lol:

While on the topic of the tickets . . .

Has anyone noticed that the HOF busts for both Grover Covington & Less Browne bear absolutely no resemblence to these fine gentlemen, while the rest are not so bad . . . ??

what is with that ?? . . .

From Ron
"P.S. One man's treasure is another man's trash. It has ever been thus."

Never has a truer word been said. If my father-in-law was a Ticat Fan "all" of his cherished ticket stubs would have been included in the 41 tons of scap we pulled out of their property when they moved up north. He had a story for it all. Who he bought it from, how much, what he was going to do with it and why he never got around to it.

May he rest in peace but he reminded us of a White Sanford and Son from the TV show. When he passed away he even had a real fire engine in the back yard.

If you want the stub then tell them before you had it to them and perhaps wait until there is no line up behind you wanting to get in.


We had a pretty good chuckle over that. You're right they don't look anything like them.

We apologize that tickets had to be ripped at the last home game. The storms that took place in the days leading up to the day of the game knocked out all of the Ticketmaster Access Manager Points which run the scanners.

It was a problem that arose on game day and ripping tickets is the easiest way to ensure quick entry into the stadium if the scanner system is down.

It is an unfortunate situation that has already been resolved for next game.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call me at (905) 547 2287 ext.251

any chance of getting replacement tickets in exchange for the ripped ones?

any chance of getting replacement tickets in exchange for the ripped ones?
I really hope your joking with this one...

Why would accuse footballbuff of joking about it? As RFTT said - "one man's trash is another man's treasure". With all the wonderful, modern computer technology today, it should be fairly easy to print off replacement tickets.