Nice. The team that denies us our name hosts the first game.

Am I the only one that's sort of pissed off about this ? It's sort of insulting that the team that denied us our traditional name hosts the very first game in the team's existence. Thanks a lot.

I should probably remain quiet here, but yeah. I’m not really into this idea at all.

I get the whole, marketing strategy that Saskatchewan will sell out and all that and the team will make money. I just think the idea of Regina hosting Ottawa's first game is a slap in the face to long awaiting Ottawa fans who have been waiting 8 years for a game to have an exhibition game taken away. If they are worried about the staff getting trained and worried about the first game, they could've had a dress rehearsal hosting a game based in Montreal and practice the staff for the home opener and we could have driven to Montreal. I don't think anyone, except for the media, will be flying out to Regina to catch an exhibition game.

Yes. Almost reverse Karma going on here. To hell with the SRR.

Are you kidding. Nothing I would love more than to go in there and smackdown the team that stole our name. This will be sweet! The perfect opportunity for revenge of an epic kind and I am stoked for it!

I know this was scheduled due to the construction of your stadium, but still by accident or not it's actually great marketing.
This has all of the makings for a huge TV audience for a pre season game.

There is absolutely nothing bad about pitting these two teams against each other in Ottawa's first game. Establish that rivalry from the get go. Besides, there's no crying in pro football.

Not only great marketing but look at the revenue potential for the REDBLACKS, they get to play a home game in front of a Sask crowd that has the highest attendance in the league. If they had decided to play a pre-season game in Toronto they wouldn’t be able to draw a crowd, the Argos can’t draw a crowd to a pre-season game. Very smart move by the REDBLACKS

So, what would have been wrong with having it in Montreal instead, where season ticket holders would be able to drive to or bus to. The RedBlacks are focused on the french market, would this not have been a good way of doing that ? They could have sent the staff there to train for the game and played the 2nd game somewhere else.

I understand the frustration for diehard RR fans, and maybe those Ottawa fans who don’t like the new name, but I doubt that the CFL would have allowed OSEG to use Rough Riders even if Saskatchewan had no complaints. The CFL made it on to The Simpsons because it was so easy to mock a league with two teams with the same name (and the space doesn’t change the names enough).

You are missing the point. I don’t mind RedBlacks. The point is the game is out of the reach or driving distance for Ottawa fans.

I was responding to the title of the thread, so I was precisely on that point. I was also identifying two classes of fans, old RR fans and new fans who don’t like the name, not overlapping the two.

I understand the distance issue and frustration at not being able to attend the first game, but it is preseason game. While they are better than NFL preseason games they don’t show the best face of any team. A preseason game is likely not how they wanted fans to see them for the first time.

With all the ex-Cats on your team,just think of it as a Grey Cup rematch. :lol: :wink: :cowboy:

If I were an Ottawa fan living in the Ottawa Metro I may be a bit upset as well that the first game will be on the road as their home game.
From a promotion and business standpoint probably is what is best for the REDBLACKS and the CFL.

The CFL did schedule their away playoff game in Montreal. The Als usually do well in pre season with about 20K fans. That will leave about 5K tickets available to the fans of Ottawa to make the drive or take the train.

So while not perfect looking at the bigger picture it probably what is best.

For the real season however it should be an awesome opening weekend. REDBLACKS on friday night football followed by a sunday afternoon 3:00 start for the Fury Game.
Ticket packages toa attend both games are already available OSEG has chose a great way to kickoff the opening of the stadium.
Both Games will also be on National TV. CFL on TSN and Fury game on Sportnet360 and vs the New York Cosmos.

Also Cosmos fans that can get their passports togehter may want to make this a supporters roadtrip with Ottawa now being the closest team to the Cosmos.

I was also deeply disappointed we did not have the Ottawa Rough Riders as the name for the Ottawa team, could have stuck it out I guess and said Rough Riders or nothing, then I guess Horn Chen was going to accept 100 grand for the name, provided he did not raise the asking fee

I think at one point some years ago he wanted a million for the name

As I said above, I doubt RR was ever on the table as far as the CFL was concerned, even if Chen had only wanted a smile and a thank-you.

I thought the league had acquired rights to the Rough Riders name a few years back. I think they were able to get them since Chen was not using the name for a certain period of time.

I remember reading that too. So basically, the league owns the name and would be the one who said no to OSEG. I think the whole thing with saying Sask. vetoed the use of the name was just to help form a rivalry, as one team doesn’t have the power to veto anything. I’m sure they were quite vocal about not having two teams called Rough Riders again, but they would’ve had to convince the league (ie - most of the other BOG members, who represent the other teams) to veto it.

The whole starting a rivalry idea isn’t just pure speculation considering the league made sure the very first game that Ottawa will play is against Sask.

Certainly was a factor when approaching who will get Ottawa’s home game really givng them two home pre season games. The Riders were also very in on making this game work not to mention that there will still be 30K at the game and the money to do extra things. I am sure that Ottawa won’t be paying for the flight to Regina that may be on the league but very possible that the Riders opened up to paying for their Hotel stay to get to home pre season games

What Saskatchewan has said publically is that they would PREFER that Ottawa not use Rough Riders as a name. I think Hunt was actually quite open to creating a whole new brand and that calling it a veto is probably a little bit much. Besides, you don’t want to come in as the new guy and rock that boat so soon.

It may have been one of these deals where Saskatchewan said “we’ll only vote in their favour if they don’t use the name” and OSEG wasn’t willing to risk it. Braley had previously said that he thought this market was scorched so he may have been opposed to trying it once again. Who knows who else may have been reluctant? So first get the team, then worry about a name.