Nice surprises and letdowns so far on offense

The Als offense has been awesome so far. But, if we take a look at the individual components, some guys have excelled, and some have been anonymous.
Calvillo, Desriveaux, Watkins, Cobourne and the O line have all excelled (Cahoon has not played enough to rank). Richardson has been good when used.

On the down side: Bratton had a great training camp but has been rather inneffective (I can't wait for Thurmon to replace him), Deslauriers has been completely anonymous (one catch for 6 yards). He plays the strong side WR, and this position in the CFL gets the least balls thrown to them, but still, he has not done much.

I am thinking that when Cahoon is back to playing every play, maybe Desriveaux should replace Deslauriers at strong side WR.

AC has a problem that every quarterback dreams of having. It seems that, over the last two games, he has had too many quality receivers to choose from.
I've noted, on the forum, disappointment being expressed in regards to the performances of Bratton and Armstead.
While neither has had their number called as much as other receivers, both have come through with drive-extending catches.
I feel for the Als' receivers at this point. Due to the plethora of talent, the axe looms over their head, even though they've done their jobs.
But does this concern me as a fan? Not one bit.

I don't see a problem, last season was compromised by lack of depth and the Als had to got out and source guys in panic situation and paid for them anyway.

So Mr. Wettenhaul is generous enough to extend some freedom to his football people to carry extra bodies that can come in knowing the offense and having practiced it, this is a much better situation. If you look at the Als roster they have depth at EVERY position so Als won't have to give picks for a Maas or anything like that this year.

Also the Als will be in a position to get a draft pick or a player (neg list or otherwise) through a trade if the situation arieses. That's how Popp scored Adrian Mcpherson from the Riders last year.

After two weeks of play we can already see some teams in trouble due to injuries.

Bombers have no OLinesman left

Riders are in need of a second QB with

Calgary is looking for a NI Defensive tackle

16 weeks to go.

I knew Shea Emry would make an impact on special teams early on, but I didn't expect him to be so close to the ball on EVERY return. He's got the speed and aggression to make one heck of a linebacker, and soon.

The only stat that points to an area of improvement is the Als condeding 50 yards a game on kickoff exchanges. could be st schemes, returner. but that's half a football field per game and the Als weren't victims of any huge returns so this is happening on a regular basis after 2 games anyway.

I am getting a Thyron Anderson Memorial hit off Deslauriers. Big, rangy, athletic receiver with all the physical tools but no work ethic and no commitment to laying out for the catch. He's got to play better.

Desriveaux has been a very pleasant surprise. What great value for a 6th-round pick, and he's got a great mentor in the form of Ben Cahoon. :wink:

Deslauriers seems slow from what I've seen, he also looks a lot bigger then he was last year (not sure). but one catch for 4 yards in two games dosen't look good on him. There was a deep pass thrown to him last game that was out of his reach.

Trestman could also be using him to take corners out of the throwing area. Football is a complex game and things aren't always like they seem.

Deslauriers is not lazy. Great hands but needs to use his body better to compensate for the lack of speed. I'm sure Elizondo is working with him.

I dunno, Hfx. I saw at least one play where the ball was maybe a tad overthrown but Deslauriers had already given up on the play and stopped running. I saw that kind of thing far too often from Thyron Anderson to feel good about this kid until he starts going the extra mile to make the catch.

Just my impression, though.

Perrett is doing a very nice job at blindside tackle. I must admit I'm surprised to see the O-line doing so well.

I agree with the noted concern re Deslauries- he has not shown much to dare. I am wondering where Dave Stala fits or does not fit with this team? He had two great years then 2 years of injury. I noted his name is still on the team list. I believe he deserves to see some action soon to enable the staff to make a judgement on him. If he shows something he or Deslauriers could be trade bait. If you had to choose which one of these guys wouls you chose?

Deslaurier showed up mid-season last year and did very well.

80 DESLAURIERS, E 23 325 14.1 44 1 38 6 70 1

If you look at another receiver

82 DESRIVEAUX, D 21 262 12.5 29 1 19 3 37 1

Similar stats (avg yrds per catch lower because he's a slotback mostly)

Deslauriers is younger then Stala, bigger, more durable. Cheaper (still on his rookie contract).

Frankly the only reason Stala is still with the team is because he is the backup punter and a NI. I like Stala but how can you take Desrivaux out of the offense the way he is playing? Deslaurier could lose his spot this week if Trestman decides to move Desrivaux to wide out and give Ben his spot back in the slot. Also could lose his spot to an import if Boulay comes back or Emry has to fill in for Taylor.

Stala is done with this team. He can't stay healthy and hasn't been able to replicate the form he showed in his 1000-yard season.

Looks like Deslauriers will be losing his starting spot in the lineup for at least the next game.

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