Nice Site :)

I guess they talked to Bob and are using phpnuke :slight_smile:
All i got to say is Go Als Go!

Whats phpnuke for? :oops:

YUP...when i fisrt saw it..I said..hey the red Hat guy probably received a call from the CFL

It's a Good thing that the site is not black & yellow...:wink: Just kidding...we all know that the Bleed GREEN fans are gonna overtake the whole site :wink:

The software for this forum, personally i prefer phpbb, but PNphpbb wich is a modified version of phpbb is also popular.

You Als fans think you know everything. :twisted:

Welcome to the NEW CFL site.

Wonder when the new Reebock gear will be out?

Definately an improvement over the old site.

I thaught the als are sticking with the old ones?

Yeah AFAIK, just ome minor changes, but a possibility that the 3rd jersey may be totally different than the previous one (well i hope it did suck big time)

Is the third jersey the black one? If it is then your right it was horrible.

Yeah it was their 3rd jersey, what i saw and i hope they kept it, basically th home jersey but with black instead of the blue, i thought it looked good. not sure they accepted that proposed design