Nice Shot At Rogers By Glen Suitor

It was funny when they announced the 48,000 plus for the Edmonton game last night, when Glen Suitor emphasized that there wasn't 17,000 given away, like that other game in Toronto!

ITs obvious now there is a growing rift between the CFL and Rogers, and TSN and Rogers. The CFL reason is obvious. YOu have know nothings in the Rogers hiearchy slagging the CFL at every turn.

Then you have Rogers screwing TSN when it comes to its placement on the channels. Where in most places you have to pay extra to get them.

I say the CFL should keep the cold war going with Rogers. ITs obvious he's an enemy of the CFL. And its obvious he's going to bleed alot of red ink from his Toronto Bills deal.

The CFL should keep emphasizing the leagues successes, and Rogers failures. They have nothing to fear from Rogers or the NFL. They're got them on the run, so keep up the pressure!

Unfortunately, the 48,808 who braved the elements in commonwealth were treated to a snoozefest of a hyped-up pivotal divisional game. The 48,434 in Toronto were actually treated to a good over-hyped exhibition game.

NOT every game will be a Picasso. Still, it was 48,000 paid. CFL has to rub it into Rogers face. The big bully has been proven to be a ten pound weakling.

Well, as I've said before, it's so childish and amateurish of Sportsnet to *** when you type TSN on their forums. I can't believe it. So yes, there is no liking one another at least from a business perspective.

The CFL and TSN though should remain bullish, yes, but classy and not start any wars but not back down if they have to fight. I want the Bills to stay in Buffalo and this is my tune and this is the truth. Couldn't care less about Toronto getting an NFL team now or at any time in the future and won't be supporting it unless Rogers really takes care of the CFL along with this. But that's not likely to happen I don't think.

The big bully has been proven to be a ten pound weakling.
I hope you dont base that statement on one overpriced early preseason game? Dount count yer chickens yet.

funny laughing at them for attendance. In reality, they still got more paid attendance for their preseason game in another city, than the argos did for theirs at home.

I am guessing they get at least 50% more paid attendance for regular season game. Sadly, that will be nothing to laugh at.

If the bills average just one more paid ticket per regular game than the argos, in toronto, at higher prices, that will be something to cry about.

Plus, we're talking about 48,000 in a city where CFL is and will continue to be the only football game in town, so you can't really compare the two. CFL has always been strong in Western Canada, always will be.

Rogers Centre would have been sold out for Bills/Steelers in less than a day had ticket prices been the same as for the Esks.

Dont forget the Media "reporters" who inflict their venom . on our Game!!

Riderfanin, if the tickets were priced low as you say, then why would they be doing this experiment in the first place? Rogers has to show the NFL they can bring in more money for a team than what Buffalo is currently doing, they have to charge high prices and get the people to pay, that's the only way this will work for them. Otherwise the team may as well stay in Buffalo.

FYB, also remember that Rogers was able to dupe some suckers into you "have to get a 3 game ticket or else there won't be any tickets" type of thing on this, which is why they had as many, if many is the right word, people there in the first place. And orginally it was supposed to be for all 8 games which they had to back down out of as they realized that wasn't going to work.

Of course, I realize tix couldn't have been set as low as your average Eskimo ticket, that goes against the whole idea of what Rogers and the NFL were trying to do.

But I think its disingenuous for people to say, "oh, 48,000 people paid to see a CFL game in Edmonton, Rogers couldn't get that many people to pay big $$$ to see a preseason game in Toronto, therefore the NFL has no chance of succeeding in Toronto".

Its comparing apples to oranges in so many ways. Western Canada has and always will be the hotbed of CFL. I happen to believe NFL is and will be more popular than CFL in Toronto.

Completely agree. Rogers really thought they could s.ucker enough people in with 8 then 3 game packages at the high prices, I think they thought all 54,000 seats would be gone. They were wrong. But if they lower prices enough, they will fill that building easily for all 8 games, or would have. Now the question is, what is the right pricing model to fill the joint for the remainder of the games and still show the NFL that the NFL can be more profitable with a team in Toronto then Buffalo? I’m not sure if they or anyone knows the answer to this just yet.

I agree that it will be interesting to see how they go about this for the remaining games. I think people would be prepared to pay $100-$150 max. to see a game that actually meant something, and I think at that level, Rogers and the NFL would see their "experiment" be successful.

I'd agree with that.

When PT Barnum said "there is a s.ucker born every minute" no doubt there could be no better example then some Toronto "fans".

I really feel a bit sorry for the people that paid the full price for the games thinking they were "getting in on something special." But then, if the Bills are a top team and in contention, well, who knows, maybe they will more then get their money back on the street if they want to sell. It's all just a big gamble.
That's what I like spending my money on my team, whatever team is yours, at least you are spending it on your team. And the Grey Cup, even if your team doesn't make it, it's still a championship game with all the hoopla associated with it. Not nearly the gamble of the Bills thing unless you are a diehard, diehard fan willing to pay up front.

I don’t know Earl, I suspect those that bought tickets may have been of a corporate variety.
I don’t know of too many “average” types who would fork over ten times what it would cost to go to Buffalo and on top for a dull pre season game.
So as we are sure there are some “stupid” people ot there, then perhaps they have more money then brains. Those I do not feel sorry for buying into the bs hype.

I doubt the game would have sold out if tickets were 50 bucks a pop, unless thousands of Americans came up to watch. In fact tickets were free the last few days. How can you get any cheaper then that??

The NFL and basically football interest in Toronto is very limited. So the lack of intrest is no surprise. They basically drew the same paid crowd as an Argos game, with Amerians helping to get the crowd to that size.

And people talk like this NFL team will be bigger then the Leafs. But they'll be down there with the rest of the scrubs in Toronto fighting for the Leafs leftovers. Because hockey and the NHL is king in Toronot and southern Ontario.

IF you ask me Ted Rogers would be smarter trying to put a second team in southern Ontario. Taht'd be a ticket to print money.
But then again whoever said Ted Rogers had any brains when it came to sports?

Should have said a second NHL team. Then again with the Leafs around, it might be consdiered the first NHL team.

You are right berezin.
The last time there was an Xibition game was at the Skydome in the 90's and again, the place was estimated two thirds full, most of the tickets were purposely kept low and in the $20 range.
No one bought and Budweiser game away so many freebies at local water holes and still no one showed up.
Just like the NFL propoganda machine, I am starting to wonder that Toronto "World Class Wanabee City" is really not an NFL city.

That is the history ARgoTom.
I think it was in '89 the Cleveland Browns played a game at the Skydome with much less fanfare. They announced 31,000, but the actual crowd was much less.

Looking at the history of the NFL playing games in Toronot, the interest has not been there. If you ask me its the media that perpetuates this myth. Why, I don't know.

And I have to laugh when I hear Paul Godfrey say Toronot deserves an NFL team because its a "world class" city. So using his warped logice, Green Bay and Detroit are world class because they have NFL teams, while London and Paris are not, because they don't have NFL teams? Gotta wonder about Paul Godfrey.