nice pics of ivor wynne stadium

just found an old site someone made, but it has cool pics of labour day 2003...check it out

cool! IW looks very nice!

Maybe Big Dave can identify the people in the pics.

You want all the names, or just a few? :slight_smile:

I was trying to find myself or my father in there but no dice. Mabye next year:P

We thought maybe you were in a few of them. :wink:

Actually, I looked...there are a couple of shots where you can see my seat (the spot where I sit...not my butt) but it's too far away to see if I'm sitting there. I stared at the pics of the crowd to see if I saw anyone I recognize, but unfortunately I didn't.

If I were in any of the pictures, I'd be able to point myself out easily by telling you to look for the guy with the enormous head.

would that mean you had your pants down BD......