If u would have asked me wich team had the best chance of knocking off B.C. i would have said Edmonton, NICE WIN ESKS!

Yup congrads Esks. I believe if B.C won they would of tied Calgary's undefeated record of 12-0...Not quite sure on that. Anyway..good game.

Very nice win Eskimos. Although I wanted this streak to last forever, it didn't. I wasn't surprised that Edmonton knocked us off today. Esks just made the bigger plays. We were fighting from behind all game, and the one time we tied it at 20 you guys made a huge kickoff return for a TD. Hope this makes the Lions realize they are not invincible or unbeatable, and I hope we come back strong for the rest of the season. I'm still confident we'll be more than OK the rest of the way. Remember, the ultimate goal is Western Final at home and then Grey Cup, and we're still way ahead. Congrats Esks.

I picked BC, but I'm not really surprised Edmonton took it. Congratulations, Esks fans!

Well done, didn't see the game, however you protected Calgarys perfect season being tied.



I figured if any team is going to kill the streak it would be the schmoes! Good game Eskies. Now you can go suck for the rest of the year ha ha ha

....yes, congrats for the win.......a very big accomplishment to knock off the undefeated team........good job Eskimos..........

HEY.........I finally got one this week........and I am..... 1 for 2 .......WOW!

All that money spent on player talent.. finally pays off....George Steinbrenner would be proud of you guys :slight_smile:

Doesn't mean anything though, it's just delaying the inevitable: a BC Lions #1 seed.

But now we know that the Eskies can beat them! KICK ASS IN NOVEMBER ESKIMOS!