Nice on ya Kevin Pipe, good stuff

Nice to see Kevin Pipe, president of the Canadian Soccer Ass'n, say the following about the FIFA U-20 World Cup Canada 2007 Championships in relation to how affordable the CFL is:

"In order to capitalize on the excitement generated by this summer's World Cup in Germany, Pipe said he expects tickets to go on sale by early June. He expects pricing to be "very affordable ... more along the lines of a CFL ticket" and suggested a top price of perhaps $50."
Toronto Star, Jan. 27/06


Hows their bud to bring the Wolrd Cup to Canada and thet new York Stadium in Toronto going?

I would like to know how holing the final in Toronto at a 20000 seat stadium is going to generate more money than holding the final at 60000 seat Commonwealth Stadium.


This guy is a major weasel. Putting down the CFL many times before and in fact not wanting anything to do with the Argos even during the stage when the stadium was being negotiated. In fact, this guy and the soccer association have zero money and have their hands out big time for our hard earned tax dollars. The same thing with the fiasco of Maple Leaf Entertainment, but there is a big difference and especially since MLSE has all kind of $, but do not want to spend theirs only the tax payers. So, the two deserve each other in spunging our tax dollars.

When and how did he put down the CFL? Not wanting anything to do with the Argos when the stadium was being negotiated? How? Again, I didn't hear about this.

And the CSA is dead on to hold the opener and final in Toronto is a soccer-specific stadium in Canada's largest and most ethnically diverse city where most of the soccer fans are regardless if Commonwealth Stadium is 3 x larger. It sends a message that the CSA wants soccer specific stadiums built in this country and if you build these, then you will get the prize. I know it's controversial but Edmonton is getting some of Canada's games.

My opinion is that the people in Edmonton, and they have money out there as we all know, should do some reconfiguring construction work on Commonwealth and get that track out of site and bring seating in the end zones nearing the end zones. Commonwealth is a beautiful stadium, have been there for a game, but I can't stand that track around it. Not good for football or soccer.