Nice move, OSEG!

An e-mail went out this morning with a promotional offer for Grey Cup tickets to people who signed up for Ottawa CFL seasons ticket years ago now.

Being that some people have asked whether or not that list still counts for anything, even just touching base with those who reserved seasons (what? three years ago now?) is a smart gesture. :thup:

Most definitely CRF. Nice for sure.

Here's another:

...As you probably know, I am the owner of the Ottawa 67's Hockey Club. We play in the OHL-the main feeder system for the NHL and the league from which a majority of players are chosen to represent Canada at the World Junior Championships. This week, many of our 2012 National Junior players will be in action here at Lansdowne Park in the J. Benson Cartage Centre (Civic Centre) arena, taking on the defending World Junior champs, Team Russia. Our OHL players are out for redemption and it promises to be a great matchup.

The OHL has just released to us a block of tickets and, since you've been so supportive and so patient, I'm offering you a pair for free. Sorry for the short notice-the game takes place tomorrow night at 7:00 PM-but if you are able to make it, great. I'll be happy to see you...

Outstanding, I think the Ottawa franchise is going to be in very good hands. :thup: