Nice move coach

Nice move coach. You don't dress T.J. Acree, averageing about 10 yards a catch (isn't that what you need for a first down?) and you play two guys (Jones and Giles) who get one catch between them. Acree was just getting going and you put the skids to that. Wonder if he'll be back in uniform for the next game?

He wanted Johnson in the lineup, and benching Acree was the only way to do it.

Good point hw but, and correct me if I'm wrong, isn't jones american too and wally could have accompished the same thing by sitting him down?

I agree. Acree should have been in the line-up over Jones.
Acree had a his best game of the season two weeks earlier against the Eskimos, and seemed to be one of Pierce's favourite targets.

Jones is a speedster but Pierce hasn't thrown deep during his two starts. The end result was him catching just one pass and the Eskimos shutting down the Lions in the 2nd half once they started spying Joe Smith coming out of the backfield.

The Lions need to start throwing more deep balls to loosen up the secondary and that could mean Jones getting another start against Montreal, especially if Dickenson is back.

Well, Acree did have a couple of decent games recently, and Jones hasn't really been as effective as I had expected.

I do agree that Pierce needs to throw some deep balls, because if the opposing defences know that he is dangerous in all aspects of the throwing game, it will make the Leo's more dangerous in all respects, and give us a better chance to beat the tough Montreal, and now Toronto.

Yes, I too thought Acree should have been playing vs the Esks.

It is not that Pierce can't throw the deep ball it is what he was apparently told to do in taking a first read and then running. If that was true the open long ball guy wasn't on.

In case anyone is checking, K. Jones didn't have a catch in the last two games. Is it time to end the experiment?

TJ Acree was on the game roster for the Als game the other night- I just looked at that, but for the life of me I can't recall if he played a down and I must admit I didn't see him on the sidelines.

T.J. was on the 46-man roster which is provided 24 hours before a game. Each team then provides a 42-man roster one hour before the game. T.J. was a scratch along with Pikula, Singh and Thelwell.

Kendrick Jones is faster than T.J. and provides the deep threat. Whether they throw to him isn't his choice. The comfort level that Dickenson has with Simon, Clermont, Jackson and Thelwell just isn't there with KJ yet.

As for Pierce, he probably feels a bit more comfortable with Acree and Jones as they take more second-team reps in practice.

We're in good shape receiver-wise, so I wouldn't get to bent about Acree's playing time.

OK ... that explains why we didn't see TJ Acree in the game vs the Als but did see him on the roster on the Lions depth chart for the game and in the newspaper the day before the game I think it was.

I agree that it takes time for a QB - receiver duo to click and also the guy has to be open too - both good points made by the Liontamer who ought to be a coach he is insightful and thorough in his CFL knowledge!!!

Acree sort of reminds me physically of a Darren Flutie type and I always wonder if he possesses that same potential as Darren Flutie (who to me is the one of the CFL greats of all time and a guy I'd have on my team any time!!!).

Some posters in the past have suggested that we will see some great things if Acree gets some decent playing time but that has yet to occur.

You are absolutely right, the playing time has yet to occur because you can't play if you're not dressed down. Acree was just getting in sync with DD and then a ten yard average was not good enough and the deep threat was seen as a need. Please tell me how many deep balls Jones and Colon have caught. It seems that a catch with the possibility of a long gain would be better than throwing long and not completing the pass. I'm sure the rest of the league is shaking in their boots over the "threat" of Jones and Colon.

I liked what I saw from TJ Acree when he has seen the ball. The Lions must see something also in him as he is now in his second year here. It is probably tough for a guy like him coming in again this year and seeing guys get playing time faster than you.

I still think that TJ Acree has a Darren Flutie look to him. A guy who is not a burner, a not big at all player but a guy who will really do damage to opponents if given a chance. For him, just being patient and doing the most of the chances he gets is all he can do and wait for the Ottawa franchise to open up new spots or move on. He would not be the first guy to linger on a PR and only later get to show his stuff.

Not sure if Darren Flutie would have got the chance he did to prove he is something special if his brother weren't Doug. That is not to demean Darren Flutie. To me he is one of my favourite players of all time in the CFL despite him moving on from BC.