Nice Message!!!

Very nice centements and delivery from CFL commish. Tom Wright about the Katrina disaster. I know I'm not Canadian but......Tom Wright for Prime Minister!!!!!!

Yes I was impressed as well

.........well, lets not get ahead of ourselves here (TW for PM)........but it was heartfelt from everyone........the US anthem before the game was a nice touch too.........

Good Job :slight_smile:


Agreed. I think everyone will.

Also, my prayers go out to Cedric Scott's family. He said about 20 people of his family is living in half a house right now because a tree fell on one side. They don't have much food and water he said, but they're alive. He said that one last gass for the sack at the end of the game was for them and he gave it is all. Good for you big guy! :smiley: