Nice job Mr. Mitchell

Just watched him field questions on CH Live or whatever the program is called with Mark Hebscher and a female, not sure her name.

Number one thing I got from this interview was this: Mark and the lady kept talking about the TiCats as some business an owner has to make millions on and disparate from Hamilton. That's a joke, CFL teams don't make much money at all, most anyways with the operative word much. Mr. Mitchell was excellent, basically said this is our team, your team, Hamilton's team - but play in Hamilton governments stadium and that is fine with us, the TiCats playing in a government stadium and we can continue to do so but you must keep it viable to play in and keep it safe for spectators. Really that is it, a new stadium is nice and the TiCats would help the city fund it depending on the business model and where it is but at the end of it all, it's Hamilton's stadium, always has been and what are they going to do?

Good job Mr. Mitchell, you won this one. Mr. Young has the city you know where, he doesn't need the headache of the TiCats at all, he could dump them tomorrow for $1.00. But the city of Hamilton is stuck with a stadium and no tenant and what to do.

And BTW, it shouldn't be a us vs them as this interview came across but that's the way this came across to me, from the interviewers. To the lady's credit, she did put a personal slant as the TiCats as "Hamilton's treasure" which Hebscher didn't manage to do at all in the least. It's a shame this was done as an us vs them, a real shame. Right now I have a feeling in my gut I would love the TiCats to thrive anywhere but the city of Hamilton. And I know, that's not fair to the people of this city who have been TiCat fans for so long.

I'm sorry, apologizing here for replying to my own thread, I'm emotional right now, this interview has upset me and I don't handle this well.

Can someone out there please refrain from numbers of this and that and just tell me this: are the Hamilton Tiger-Cats a treasure for this city and area - or a curse?

This isn’t any them vs. us debate. Economically and esthetically it makes sense for the city.

No other business will be able to take over this toxic land and have the positive impact that a new stadium would. The stadium in turn will develop small business and increase property value in the area.

If you want the Ticats in town then you received a gov’t backed stadium, you clean up the west harbour, increased property values, and the economic activity of the Pan Am games, Grey Cups, Concerts, Ticats and other events will more then surpass needed municipal funds.

The total economic activity generated in Toronto by the 2007 Grey Cup was $52.9 million, according to an economic impact assessment conducted by the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance.

Just think of the positive impact a single Grey Cup could have on the city outside of the other potential events.

The TiCats are a treasure for the city of Hamilton and it’s as simple as that!!!

This isn't a chicken vs. the egg conversation. Mr. Mitchell is just stating that if there is no stadium there is no team...simple.

There's no real answer to that, is there. They're like any other sports team - they're a business, but one that a lot of people have an emotional attachment to. If you look at almost anything emotional in a purely rational light it can look pretty ridiculous. Don't get upset about Mark and Donna - they're entertainers and you don't have to watch long to see that they're paid to presenting opposing viewpoints on the issues they discuss.

Section 8 is correct.

"The Lady" is Donna Skelly.

Mark Hebscher and Donna are on this show to have a classic "he said/she said" view on issues relevant to the City. It is designed to expose issues from both sides. Often, the two will agree with an issue but for the sake of the show and it's format, offer opinions contrary to their beliefs.

And yes...the Cats are a treasure.

Thanks guys and especially thanks section and hendy, you are absolutely correct! And you, my men, are treasures!!!! Like a lot of other people here I will say! :thup:

What peeves me off are people who grew up in Hamilton and don't care much about the city, from some people I have seen, or those that have lived here a long time. I'm not asking them to love the TiCats or CFL, but please, just show some respect for your home town in some ways rather than Toronto this, Toronto that, that's my home town, really. Disgusting!!

Earl, we know many a professional teams especially in the US which have blackmailed various cities to build them stadiums or else mentality. It is a regular phenomenon.
Thankfully, this is not the m/o of our CFL. But we can honestly say that maybe aside for hockey, CFL football is a close second and there is no more important unifying force in our all Canadain league, unlike hockey, like the Grey Cup. With the economics of same, well maybe its about time that the cities and various levels of government realized the importance of the league both financially and socially and step up to the plate?
What is the reality though, the teams play in generally city owned venues which are getting older and are in a dire need of replacement especially such as Hamilton, Regina, Winnipeg and Ottawa.

You're right - it's a pretty important time for the CFL, but there are positive signs on the stadium front. If Hamilton plays it's cards right we'll get Sam Merulla Stadium by 2015, Winnipeg's new stadium is supposed to be ready for the 2010 season and Ottawa's Lansdowne Live group are supposed to have their final plans in the city's hands in a few months (I think 2010 is the target there as well). Montreal's has an upgrade as well, so things look pretty good IMO.

Hey I love the cats and want to see them stay in Hamilton. I think it is smart for Bob, and the gang to be holding a hard line with the city on this one. Bob has put a pile of money into upgrades for the stadium and now that there is a possibility of a new one our councilors are balking.

The thing that really gets me going is that Bob is a local guy who has really resurrected a local team already in existence. If this were somebody from out of town with a RIM full of cash bringing in an NHL team, the city wouldn't think twice about building a new arena.

Well done Mr. Mitchell, very professional. You represented the Hamilton Tiger-Cats very well.
The reporters tried to cause conflict and you deflected it extremely well.

they replay it on CHCH at 11:30 pm.

now you people made me make sure I watch it. My lady isn’t impressed because she had her own TV plans and our other TV isn’t functional right now.

I think I’m in trouble from her but this may be worth the nagging.

I'm with you 100% on this sentiment Earl!

Dont' worry too much about that show. It's designed to be a confrontational A vs. B kind of format.

Judging by your response to Mitchell's performance, it sounds as if this show provided him a forum to make his points. so in that light, it's a good thing.

Will do Captain. Thinking again, sometimes Mark Hebscher gets under my skin, have to admit. Maybe that's why he's good at his job in this role on this show, I don't know.

I think you are exactly right.

I just watched the mark and donna segment .

One thing stood out.

Scott Mitchell referred to Mr. Young as a -philanthropist- in regards to his contribution to Hamilton and the Ticats.

How prophetic and very true. Mitchell said volumes and I'm sure he didn't even mean it in a negative way.

I'm very happy Mitchell said that because it's the truth. I'm of the belief that although Mr. Young is too humble to admit it, he's sacrificed more than we know. Family time, heart-ache, sleepless nights, embarrassment-------all those things that cutting a cheque doesn't solve.

I -get it-

thanks Mr.Young and thanks to Mitchell for using that term. It's a wake up call even if it wasn't meant to be.

Well said deerhunter! :thup:

Thanks Captain.

now get to bed!

the great equalizer is that we all still need our sleep no matter how tough we think we are.




when asked why mr young doesnt get a private consortium together and build a fully funded private facility mr mitchell answered that "well, at the end of the day, people have to understand that from a media standpoint and a signage standpoint, naming rights.....a cfl team brings about 85-90% of the revenue to the stadium but we only use the facility for around 5% of the time. At a new facitlity your probably looking at using the facility about 250 dates a year, we would be using 10 of those dates"
when asked why, if bob young is a businessman and there is a business model to be put forward why wouldnt mr young put it forward mr mitchell answered : " He has come out and said that he is willing to invest millions of dollars, to tens of millions of dollars in our new facility, but a lot of work needs to be done on what that business case is"
If Mr Young has looked at it and decided it cant work without the taxpayers doing it thats good enough for me to say no thanks. Thats why if taxpayers dont build it, it wont get built. One tenant that uses it ten times a year and brings 90% of the revenue to the stadium. Its clear it makes no sense financially or people would be lined up to build it and not needing to use public funds for it. i realise the ticats need somewhere to play but why should taxpayers pay to build it? we know it will not make money and will cost way more than what they say it will. By mr mitchells own comments its clear there is no other tenant lined up, the ticats are going to be the sole form of revenue for the stadium and the ticats apparently lose millions. How many million dollar losing businesses get the taxpayers to build them new homes? (besides american banks I mean).
All anyone needs to do is look around at who is bringing the pan am games bid here and who is pushing this to go through. A bunch of politicians and wealthy businessmen who will benefit from it while the majority of people, including the very poor and down and out, to build it. The money from the province and feds only comes hamiltons way if they pass this bid. That is nothing more than economic blackmail and the city should be fuming. The people here pay taxes, its already the taxpayers money and to say you only get it if you do this bid is wrong. It should be illegal. They want you to pay taxes and then only give it back if you promise to build what they want, not what you really need it for.
And by their deeds ye shall know them........