Nice job by Pat Fleming tonight.....

Solid effort..... :thup:

dito,he settled down (me too) and kicked some beauties!! :thup:

yeah, give credit where credit is due.... nice game.

yep...huge improvement!

Good to see him step it up tonight too.


11 punts, 46.9 yard avg.

I'm not going to jump on his band wagon just yet, he needs to prove he can kick like that consistantly.

He punted the ball longer, but they were also pretty low and gave Johnson time to get a bit of a run going on most of his returns.

yup I agree...however, he didn't hurt us and actually helped the cause......hope he enjoys some cold beers with everyone else and just relishes the step at a time!'s all good tonight!...I hope they are all having a bit of fun right now as they earned it!


This "Bud" if for the Tiger-Cats tonight!

i was disapointed in his efort .Alot of his punts were low line drives !!!!!

His best effort as a Cat, as can be said about several players. Now for some consistancy...


Habman, how can you be disapointed in his effort?

Did it look like he was not trying?

Low line drives are what is required in to the wind.
On a couple of the returns I think he flat out-kicked the coverage.

Almost 47 yards a kick on a tough wind night is SWEET!!!

Not impressed with what he did this game, but I’m not disappointed, either. Need another game to see if he’s the real deal or not.

Right on blackandgold, those were Joe Zuger kicks ,beauties into the wind!

Line drive spirals!

That kept the returners deeper than they would normally have been!

Great job,lets give some credit for a change .

Damn tough place to play football Hamilton!

Loved the spirals coming off Pat Flemings foot again last night against the Argos.

Good job punting Fleming.

Zugeresque! :cowboy:

I also liked that he did some hustling to get to the ball, almost giving us a home touchdown :o

The sad thing is that that one kick was the bright spot of the night.

I have to say I was quite impressed by him too. His attempt to recover the ball after the returner touched it in the endzone was just great. He also really tried to get downfield and help out with the coverage. I also have to say Sandy Beveridge really impressed me too. He was a beast out there.