Nice INT by Mike Daly!!

That was a great and timely interception for Safety Mike Daly and the the Ti-Cat Defence, difficult high catch and pick to make with the arms stretched out, but Daly pulled it off and gave the Cats the right boost at the right time.

Would love to see more interceptions by the defence, they certainly have had the opportunities, just got to hang on the that ball??

Hopefully will see more next week in Toronto at BMO for the rematch?


That was a better catch than I’ve seen some of the receivers make on this team and it was also the turning point imo.

It was a huge game turning play at a crucial time!

As Marshall Ferguson said on the radio this morning

Courtney Stephens is athletically better than Daly, but
Daly thinks the game at a higher level than Stephens.
That is why he is starting over Stephens
The Safety is the quasi QB of the DB’s, he calls the coverages for the formations he sees.

I’ve been grumbling about Daly’s poor tackling technique, only to read to-day that he has the third highest total, behind Lawrence, and Dean, I believe.

My apologies to Mike, and congratulations on the INT. Turning point in the quarter, if not the half.

Also had that big pass breakup earlier one on one, didn’t give up attacking the ball. He’s solid and has been mostly all year…

Not bad for a 6th round pick from Kitchener, huh? I’ve always been a big Mike Daly fan.

It was exactly what we needed at exactly the right time. AKA, the turning point.

As Matty said in the post game panel discussion, That interception was pure film study.

There was one game out West where Daly was not wrapping up very well. But later TSN said that he stayed behind to witness the birth of his child so he flew in late. That probably explains that particular weak performance. Other than that he has been fine. Still a ways to go though before we can proclaim him the next Hitchcock.

Thought he had a particularly solid first quarter/half actually. great wrap up tackles, but the whole team was getting solid defensive contact then too, Daly just seemed to stick out.