Nice guy coaches.

I think most will agree that Pinball is the nicest guy to be a CFL coach with any degree of success in the last few decades. However, I am wondering who people for suggest for next nicest guy of the last half a century, or perhaps suggest better than Pinball? I give honorable mention to Paopao, but I have one other name in mind myself.

I take it we're talking just CFL? I was going to mention Dungy...

yeah, I was just talking CFL, although same person could have coached in both,

Tom Higgins

thats a possibility

...Higgins...once I was walking about 30' behind him in Market Mall...he was strolling along with his wife....and he acknowledged every fan that recognized him and had kind words for everyperson that said 'Hey Coach'.....a genuine nice guy...

Actually, the Riders had two of them:

John Gregory

"Papa" Joe Faragelli

Well, my choice is Mike Riley. Would love to have him back in CFL.

I heard Danny Barrett was/is nice.

Kent Austin was/is extremely nice.

I wasn't alive in the 80's so idk. Those are two guys that are supposed to be nice though.

Joe Paopao!

I got to meet him in November when he was at SMU watching his son Andrew (DE) play. Nicest, most down to earth guy I've ever met! Glad to see he is involved in the CFL again (consultant to the Als)...also his oldest son Tyler was a guest coach with the Argos in the preseason! Maybe we'll see a 2nd generation of Paopao coaches in the CFL!

I was in the CanadInns stadium parking lot with my brother tossing a pigskin waiting to spot a few players after a team meeting.
Coach Barry comes out not looking so friendly, but I asked him to sign my football as I was heading back to Japan.
His frown turned upside down but he doesn't have a pen.
He went back inside, got a pen, came out and signed my ball. Then we had a nice long chat about football, Winnipeg and Japan.

He was really nice.

Doesn't look nice, but he is.

Wow. That's an awesome story, KobeKid. I always kind of thought there a good guy under Berry's mean exterior.

That is a great story! I didn't have a pen on me at the time when I met Papa Paopao. As soon as I walked over towards him, he made a comment on my 'girl' jersey and wanted to know where I got it.

Hopefully Andrew is back on the Huskies this fall so I can ask Joe for an autograph :slight_smile:

Hands down - Wally Buono. :lol:

LOL Dirt bag Wally :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I met him in Toronto during Grey Cup week. He was at Touchdown Manitoba (Yearly event on friday afternoon), and he was really nice, had a good but short bull session with him, and I was in full Rider gear.

I'd actually put my vote in for Wally. He's a really nice, down to earth guy. When he's not busy winning football games he interacts with fans on a regular basis. I've had only good experiences talking to Wally.


That's probably because you treat him like a god... :expressionless:

Have you ever met Wally ro? He's hilarious, probably one of the nicest guys I've ever met. Really great guy.