Nice game.

Thanks for showing up.

You guys are definitely the class of the East. Good luck the rest of the way.

See you in Toronto.

thanx boys. and rlr nice to hear. i know i bash u alot on the forums cuz i can disagree alot but nice to see. kinda disappointmented in my boys took themselves outta this one. but it was a good a game. cya ya in TO

I'll be worried about TO in the East Finals first....

I wish they stepped it up in the first half. Such a shame that ball was ripped from Charlie :frowning: would have been a very interesting OT if we got the convert. GG Lions, very likely it is a game preview of the GC.

dont count T.O out yet i know i was tough on micheal bishop but he has really looked impressive in the past couple of weeks

Bishop and the Argo offence have not looked very good at all, the Argo defence and ST's have been winning them games. However, I would put the Argos right behind BC as the toughest team in the league to beat. So, yes it won't be easy getting past them in the playoffs, if we are fortunate enough to get that far.

Bishop's been awful...He usually starts well and craps the bed in the second half, and their defence hangs on to win. Toronto doesn't win their last 2 games if Ricky Ray was healthy...