nice game, Riders

Hey Rider fans,

nice game, you guys deserved the win. If we let a 6 yard play turn into a 60 yard TD, then we didn't deserve the win, although I was impressed overall with my team.

The better team won today.

We'll beat you guys one of these days. :wink:

That was an excellent game, very entertaining. Your team played well enough to win today. Printers was moving the ball well, and Lumsden is just a machine!

best game i;ve seen in a long time from both teams.

Maybe one day I'll understand what the forum guidelines say about the individual team forums and how I'm not supposed to start flames wars in them. Until then I get to be the nine year old girl in the frilly dress.

Cupcake anyone? I made them myself.

Way to troll there hotlion77. Say whatever you want, but we are 3 and 0 and you are 1 and 2.

You have that joke of a player on your team, Jimenez. That makes everyone else automatically less cheaters than yours.

Would you like tea with that cupcake? I'm having Earl Grey like my Aunty Jane has. Oh, tee hee, I should WE are having Earl Grey tea. This is Mr. Cuddles, my stuffed lion, and this is Mr. Bitey, my stuffed Wally Buono doll. I call him Mr. Bitey because he likes to eat veteran players when he has no use for them anymore. Isn't that a silly name?

Mr. Cuddles? Would you like more sugar for your tea? You are so cute.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t the Riders beaten the Lions? Are you not a real team? Along with that Hamilton is a real team and as is Edmonton which was shown when they beat Calgary and Toronto.

I don’t even know why I’m responding to your obvious attempts at trolling. You are good for a laugh though.

No, I think he has a point. The Riders should be embarrassed to have to play for crap teams like the Lions. I mean look at the garbage fans they attract....was that too subtle...?

guys, just let the negative views of some fans go un-noticed. bob ackles would've wanted it that way. water under the bridge. fans with stupid comments like that just need be ignored.

Catsfan728699 - it was a decent game from what i saw. and i did turn the tv off when hamilton had the ball 3 mins left and up 28-27. i was at work but i was assuming we had lost as i didnt think we really played well enough to win. although any given play eh? I thought the cats had it for sure. cats are a MUCH improved club, and my hat go off to them and their fans as its been a long wait to get back on track.

Great game Cats I think they are gonna be in competition for the eastren final this year great game really impressed by the Riders especially Durant not so sure our defence secondary did so hot

We didn't play well enough to deserve the win what game were you watching. It was a close game the whole way both offences played fantastic. Our defence still has not allowed a passing TD, and Durant bravo on your first start. And Dressler showed some real talent out there. Gonna be another steller year for the Riders and if Hamilton keeps playing like that they are going to be a force in the East.

...Disclaimer: No nine year old girls, stuffed animals or Easy Bake Ovens were harmed in the production of this thread...

I'm almost in tears that was so awesome, I especially liked the pink.

Offensively we played very well. Don't know what happened on D other than Mo Lloyd the front 7 looked bad Shultz and Adams need to step up their play and I think that Jones is too small to play that end position. Only 3 sacks this year doesn't cut it for me.

Ya, I have to agree. They gave up a lot of yards on the ground (although to one of the best backs in the league). The front 7 has yet to impress.

I'll take the 3 - 0 start, but I would like to see a more consistent effort up front.

Sacks mean very little. The d-line has been getting great pressure, just not very many sacks. I'm quite pleased with their play. Kitwana has been playing great as well.

I thought Kitwana Jones played well. I saw him alot chasing Printers around, and he was usually involved when Lumsden was stopped for short yardage, in fact I think he was the only guy who was able to tackle Jesse on his own.