Nice game Hamilton

Well, I for one am glad we don't face you guys again. Not sure I can take Glen completely destroying us yet again :frowning:

Good game guys. Man has your o-line improved from game 1. No doubt who the better team was tonight.

Thanks for the praise and I think i'm with everyone here when I say we're happy we're done with you also :lol:
You guys just don't know when to call it a day.Good game.

I think the team, and city really needed it, with all the going-on’s this past week its a nice distraction.

Thanks BBF.. Glenn has been simply awesome against you guys.. I for one am glad Kelly messed things up!!

Nice post BigBlue. The Bombers sure didn't quit and pushed the Cats until time went against them. I am sure your local papers will be stressing the QB controversy just like they do here. Good luck for the rest of the season, and beat the Argblows.

I'm glad we don't face Steven Jyles again. I'm officially a big fan of his from here on out, the guy can play.
Terrence Edwards scares me too..... :frowning: And im sure he scares Jason Shivers.

Thanks for that.

Glenn played well this game, other than those two interceptions that kept the Bombers in it. And the O-line did well at pass protection, not allowing a single sack. But Glenn also has a quick enough release.

It is good to see we have some multi-talented players on this team. AB3 can pass and Stala can punt. And it was good to see several different players catch passes. I sure was impressed by Carter, as I mentioned in another thread.

Cobb continues to get only one good gain for every few times he gets nowhere. I know I said this before a few times, but doesn't the offence need more Thiggy?

The defence did surprisingly well, despite missing starters like Long and Barker. McIntyre continues to be very impressive. Kirk played like he wants to be a starter, and it was good to see Smith get that sack.

The BC 3 continue to do well in our LB corps, and I could just watch JJ's tackle of Jyles on 3rd and 1 over and over again.

The secondary looks to be a weakness again, as I was not impressed with Tisdale. Shivers had that pick, only to get burned on a WPG TD after that.

Sandro only had that one FG attempt, but it was good. Is his slump over? And I like having a good punter like Wilbur on the team, hope he'll be there again.

A good job by the team tonight. Need to keep that up, as it's important they win next week as well.

Thanks The Bombers I feel are better then Argos …
so We’ll see in the Playoffs…

Left little doubt tonight who the better team is. Congrats you guys, glad it's over because I was really sick of Arland Bruce.

We know where you're coming from Pigseye.We always hated when Bruce played against us with Toronto, but that was mainly because of his annoying antics left right and center.He's the kind of the receiver that you love to have, but would HATE to have against you.All in all I don't think the Bombers did that bad.Yes, your D was brutal but it isn't usually.Your O is so much better with Jyles in, I wouldn't even waste the money on Pierce, he's hot and cold and injury prone.In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you hear about his injury being aggravated, he got hammered a few times and came up limping.Anyhoo, glad the Bombers are out of the way.They're much more dangerous than the 2-5 record would have you believe.

these are 2 secondary's that really need some help. on the positive side though. win the next 2 games and they're in second(knock on wood). throw in 4 wins against the 2 worst teams (BC and EDM) and there's 2nd place. the defence scares me though. they move the ball well, and conji's 7 FG make it look they tighten up in the red zone but getting thereis to easy for the opposition. but things are looking good.