Nice decisions Doug Berry!

What's up with not using Charles Roberts at the end of the game when they have essentially 3 chances within the last two minutes to get themselves in field goal range. Getting the ball at the toronto 25 off of a fumble and allowing "mr.interception" Mike Quinn to try and attempt a pass. :lol: And then receiving a poor punt by prefontaine at about centre field, only to insert Brad Banks into the game at the most critical time in the game. But Banks was cold and hadn't thrown a pass the entire game, and ends up throwing a pick!

These are the kinds of decisions that rival only Danny Maciocca's stupidity. :lol:

Yes I agree with you on both fronts!

Just as when WALLY pulled P. for D.D. in the B.C. / EDMONTON game with disasterous results for B.C..

The new WINNIPEG Q.B. comes into the game completely cold and looked what happen again?

Hey I'm a casual Bomber fan living in Winnipeg... but don't place blame on anyone...

The Bombers are simply a dreadful football team. Case closed.

I knew- at halftime with the Bombers winning 15-0 that we'd blow it and lose.

Wouldn't be surprised if they lost the rest of their games...

Even after the argos were losing by two TD's early on in the game, I knew they'd come back. The winnipeg offence struggled to move the ball most of the game, and got it's two TD's off of pass interference calls, which were VERY sketchy, IMO.

Finally a realist. I predict the Bombers will lose their next 5 to continue the streak to 8.

When are Stegall and Glenn returning? I'm assuming that Stegall is pretty close, isn't he?

I heard rumours they could be back by next weekend.

theyll be back next weekend. Berry showed he was a rookie coach tonight! and yes, roberts was clearly the offense tonight. as soon as we stopped feeding him the ball, we lose. ring a bell Berry? lol

anywase, if it was an audible at the line on that last pick, Quinn should be… i dunno, but it was a bad idea. if it was the coaches idea, well that was bad to. should have given roberts the ball, kicked a field goal and went into over time. although if we got the TD Berry would be referd to as a genious! lol, funny how that works.

I know I get called genius every day! :lol:

Doug Berry will prove once again that he is an inept head coach if he keeps Quinn as his #2 QB. Give Banks a full game, or someone else a shot if Glenn isn't ready to come back yet.

no argument against that, completely agree

I'll second that.

P.S. Why do we have two completely separate threads about our head coach both started by Eskimo fans??? :?

ha ha good point

That must be the latest I've ever seen a backup QB inserted when the game was still winnable. What was there, 50 seconds left?

In Hamilton we used to have a QB we called "Two-minute Marler" because coaches would never pull Tom Clements from a losing game until the final minutes. But 50 seconds? That's wacky. can a win be a disasterous result?.....

Congrats to Toronto. On this night we were outcoached and outplayed. Sure hope this streak doesn't turn me into a BB as in EE. Hey, we're still ok. On this night the best team won. Hope Matt is not gone for too long. Great day here today!

What bothered me about that (besides the fact that Toronto is now 3 games ahead of the Cats) is that it reflects an amateurish belief that if you're behind, you have to throw. Two and a half minutes left, you've got the ball, down by three? I'm not saying give it to Roberts every time, but at least keep him in the game plan.

And when the football gods smile on you and give you the ball at your opponents' 35 yard line with a minute and a half left, run the ball! After a few handoffs to Roberts, you may score the winning touchdown, but at the very least you should be lining up for a chip shot field goal to tie the game, leaving Toronto very little time to respond.

And then putting your third-string in, cold, with very little time remaining when he HAS to throw...that doesn't make any sense at all.

The sad thing is that the players could have won that game, but the coaches blew it for them.

Kevin Glenn and Milt will be back next week its offical

You better pray they're not rusty... cuz Saskatchewan looks like a well oiled machine.

Where the heck are the Tiger Cat receivers! They are making the Riders look like a good team!