Nice Con Job By Sherman

Misleading CFL fans that Manziel would get some game action in his first game without prefacing it at all. That was cheap. Should have said nothing at all.

Sherman did the right thing IMO. putting his player and team ahead of the Wetenhall's greed. The Als marketing department was pushing the "Come see Manziel's first game" on its Social media platforms before the guy was even in town.

Watching Johnny on the sidelines, I’m not sure he wanted to come into this game. He didn’t look like he was chomping on the bit. JF can wing it as well as anyone but I don’t see him wanting to come in totally unprepared for his first game. Should be a different story next week. Hope he gets starter reps this week.

What I saw was reality hitting Johnny smack in the forehead.

That's a good thing, because the only way he has any chance of turning his career around is to put every once of his being on working at becoming a CFL legend and be in it for the long haul. Put the NFL way, way back in his mind. If they come knocking one day and open the front door and roll out the red carpet for him that will be wonderful but the mindset right now will take him down and possibly the franchise that employs him.

I missed it if he ever said Manzial would play.

Hey Buddy

This is trolling in a team section

Go complain to Hamilton about not playing your hero....see what they say about putting the team ahead of fan boy crushes

he's not my hero. I was happy for the trade but your organization cried wolf...

The Als said come see Johnny not come see him play.I also agree that Sherman was right not to put JF in yesterday as the Oline had collapsed badly and no matter how good he is/or could be that was not the time nor the place.I also wasn't happy when some fans started chanting his name either.I am sure that Sherman will evaluate him over the next week of practice and make the decision of weather to start him against the tigercats or not.The situation urges as time is running out on turning our team around for this season and to build on next season.I felt that Adams did a good job and with a little help from his receivers on dropped balls and not missing those 3 field goals the game would have been closer.

I agree that not playing Johnny was the right decision. But, JF played behind the Cleveland offensive line against some of the best defenses in the NFL. Those defenses were much bigger and faster than a typical CFL defense and JF survived against them so I wouldn’t be that worried about him playing now.

I thought Adams started out great but then his decision making and accuracy started hurting him. I don’t see the down side of getting JF started in the next game. Maybe split time with Adams if necessary. At this point JF needs to get on the field if he is going to progress in the Canadian game.

where did anyone cry wolf?....And is you were happy for the trade...what are you complaining about

You mean he sucked against them

Well take a look at a few of the times he sucked with the worst team in football.

Here’s a few more times Johnny sucked in the NFL.

What you see is how accurate Johnny can throw on the run. He demonstrated the same skill in the preseason after a two year layoff and only 2 weeks in the CFL. Can JF play in the CFL? Hell yes!

there have been many QBs with great physical skills that were unable to adapt well to the CFL. Maybe he will excel and maybe he will bomb, or maybe he will be just good enough. Remains to be seen

What he accomplished in College means nothing. He was not able to replicate any of that in the NFL and we will have to see if he can in the CFL. As I've said 2 percent of QB's that come to this league turn out to have a career !

The failure rate is probably the highest in Pro sports.

The highlights I listed were all from the NFL. We can speculate all we want but none of us really know what will happen until he actually gets to play.

However at this point I do trust Doug Flutie’s judgement and Flutie says on tape that Manziel has more skills than he had and he will excel in the CFL if his personal issues don’t take him down. I and many others are chomping on the bit to find out.

So why is he not playing in the NFL?

Do you know he has a 57% completion rate?
A QB rating of 74?

You do understand that preseason means zero because the coaches are not even trying to win?

So Ill ask again....Why is he not playing in theNFL and why did he not play in Hamilton?

Because he sucks....

Get it out of your head that the CFL is a mickey mouse league and anyone ex-NFLer is going to be a superstar here

I trust the NFL an CFL coaches that don't want anything to do with him more....Besides...You think Flutie is going to say he sucks?

I am well aware of his ratings in the NFL and I’m am also aware of why he has those ratings (which by the way are much higher D Kizer who lost every game with Browns and is now playing for Green Bay)

If you can’t see from his NFL tapes that JF is a good football player then in my opinion your hatred for him has skewed any rational view you have. But that’s okay.... you can have your opinion and I can have mine.... it’s just pointless to have any discussion about it because bring no facts to the table.

But one thing I don’t get at all is why do you think that because I am a JF fan that I think the CFL is a Micky Mouse league? I don’t think that at all or wouldn’t have watched every game so far.... and by the way I checking out right now to watch the game.... have a good one..

His rating was better than Kizer who is playing for green bay? So again…why is Manziel not playing?

Hatred? Because I don’t kiss the ground he walks on…I hate him? Sorry but that is a very childish response

His NFL tapes? You are kidding right? 57% completion rate…that what his STATS show….The worst player in any league completed a pass or 2. 43% of his passes were incomplete…the tapes mean nothing and the facts are…no-one in the NFL wants to sign him

Because there is no reason to believe that JM (not JF) is going to light up this league before he ever even throws a pass