Nice comment Milt

What a jerk this guy is!

"If you did your research it was 3 games."

Go screw urself Milt. You're an old has-been.

your a never-was!

It was funny.

He's just mad to not be playing. Too bad his team's doing ok without him.

It was pretty rude, but seeing as your name is EE ... he's not exactly a has-been; are you still bitter he ripped your team for a 100-yd last-second TD a few weeks back? :wink:

Can you explain more of this quote?

The interviewer said that Milt is missing his second game due to injury, Milt boldly corrected him, saying that it was indeed his third game.

Thats It and he is a jerk! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Has been wow you need to get out more!
Has been meaning Ricky Ray!

Sheeesh! some get so grumpy when the team looses, lots!

EE is just whining because so far this year his Eskimos have SU.CKED big time.


Stegall is a great player, and I can understand his being pissed that he's now missed 3 games, 2 of which the Bombers lost...we'll see about tonight. :slight_smile:

Missing some games doesn't mean he has to be an arrogant weiner to reporters.

EE, how is it ignorant to correct the interviewer! Is it how he stated it! Because seriously correcting it does not make it ignorant!

It is a little arogant to say “If you did your research” - he’s implying the guy can’t do his job. He could have just said “Three games, actually.”

If Stegall made that comment then yes that was ignorant!

Hey may have been ignorant as I can't remember if he actually said "If you did your research" but I liked the fire in his eyes. You can tell Milt is absolutely ITCHING!!! to get back into the line-up and believe me we REALLY need him. Oh yeah and Glenn too. (Gosh, I can't believe I actually said we needed Glenn. My how desperate we have become) :oops:

Milt was toungue in cheek, seen laughing with the TSN guy asking stupid questions, who also is not the only one on the TSN payroll , who lacks in he's pi$$ed off.. not playing..

Shawn Churchill is not much a tv sportscaster either for CKY!


if you listened after,Milt told Churchill he was just kidding with him

None of these "reporters" does any research, they just repeat stuff they hear without double-checking at the source. So, even if Stegall did say that, he was not ignorant nor arrogant.

Never said he was ignorant. Not sure what you're referring to...