Nice CFL - Bombers - Amateur Football story

Out of the ruins & the ashes comes this:

[b]The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have donated $5,000 to Oak Park High School following a fire over the weekend that destroyed some of the equipment used by the school’s football team, including sleds, pylons, footballs and step-over bags.

Bombers president and CEO Wade Miller has matched the donation, and the team’s equipment supplier, Gilman Football Gear, donated an additional $1,000.

That's a total of $11,000 that will go to restoring what was an estimated $10,000 in lost equipment after the team’s storage container in Fraser Meadows Park was set ablaze early Saturday.

"The Winnipeg Football Club is committed to amateur football in our province through both Blue Bombers futures programs which provides mentorship and training from our coaches and players, as well as the financial support through our 50/50 program," Miller said in a statement released by the Bombers. "We were upset to hear about the equipment being destroyed, and we hope this will help them recover what was lost, while also strengthening the varsity football team."

To deliver the money, the Bombers surprised the team during a practice with visits from Bombers offensive linemen Stanley Bryant and Jermarcus Hardrick, running back Andrew Harris, a former player with the Raiders, and kicker Justin Medlock.

"I’m grateful to be able to do my small part in assisting the Oak Park Raiders football program with this donation," added Miller. "I was fortunate to have played all my football in the province from high school at Sturgeon Creek, to the University of Manitoba, to the Blue Bombers and understand the impact football has on our youth. I’m proud to have supported amateur football over past 20 years both personally and through my other businesses with support of outstanding business partners."

Meanwhile, the gofundme website fundraising drive for the football team started on Saturday had exceeded its $25,000 target by Monday.

Kristin Whittaker, the varsity football team's manager, said she couldn't believe how fast the donations came in.

"When it hit $1,000 I thought at least we can get some footballs on Monday so the boys can have some to throw around, but then it kept going," Whittaker said.

"Twenty-four hours later it was done. It is frankly amazing... I guess I will be able to go shopping now."

Whittaker said more than $26,000 has been donated.

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