Nice article about Less Browne

Good to hear that he has his rings back. How would anyone feel about Less being hired on as an assistant coach with the Cats? After all, he has a history with the Cats, is a Hall of Famer AND lives in Hamilton.

None of which qualifies him to be a coach.

But the fact he has been an assistant coach for years DOES!!

I could never understand how a guy who lives in the area and is a Hall of Famer and has his name on the wall would not ever be asked to coach here ?? Even as a guest coach in training camp ?? Explain that one to me will you ???

Less Browne is a strong -willed man, opinionated man.

When he quit Winnipeg and left CFL coaching
he said he had paid his dues as an assistant

and he deserved a defensive co-ordinator somewhere.

No team took him up on that at the time.

He has been on the outside looking in for quite a while now.

The CFL coaching fraternity is very tight-knit.

Head Coaches like to hire coaches they have worked with
or ones they know well enough that they can be sure of them.

Believe me Les Browne knows how to coach DBs . He was one of the best and any coach who wants to succeed should forget about hiring his buddies and go with someone who knows football . If your worried about what other coaches are doing or thinking then you already have a defeatest attitude and the players will see right thru you !!!