Nic Grigsby released from Bummers

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#Bombers have released running back Nic Grigsby, the #CFL touchdown leader who was benched last week. He says he asked for it.

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#Bombers have released RB Nic Grigsby (currently 1st in #CFL w/9 TDs; 2nd w/1,188 yards from scrimmage; 4th w/744 rushing yards) #TSN

Chad Kackert released as well, by Argo's.

Kackert is injured

Injured or not he's been released. That's all I'm saying.

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wow whats the scoop on Grigsby? head case? or getting out of Winny before the winter arrives lol

i know WPG is awful but why bail on your teamates?

I know we hear this far to often in here when someone gets cut from another team,but in this circumstance I think it applies when I say.....the Cats should pick him up ASAP especially with Madu being questionable and Gable gone for the season,we are in desperate need of a RB and IMO Grigsby would look rather nice in a Ti-Cat uni right about now. We could certainly use a player of his calibre for the final stretch drive to the play-offs. Get on it Austin !!!! Sign him up !!!! Make it happen !!!!

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This is one CFL phenomenon that I can't see ever catching on in the NFL: releasing one of the league's leading rushers mid-season. Toronto did it a couple of years back with Cory Boyd, who was then picked up by Edmonton but didn't reappear in the league the following season.

I just visited the Bummers website forum and from a consensus point of view they were not happy with Grigsby due to his failure to break tackles. I am looking forward to see what Delone Carter can do considering Madu will probably be out
of service for Friday night. I say we pass on of the few Bumbers running backs that could not make it work. Check your ego at the door!

The Ticats would be smart to pick him up, who knows it may be just a personality disagreement with O’Shea. Running backs want the ball on every play.

I'm sure glad Ham doesn't play Peg again. They would automatically slip into the Prevent Defense and we'd get another CFL strange finish. :cowboy:

The Bombers aren't going to release a player out of the blue so they can catch on with another till, unless they are very sure the player has other plans. This is a release because Grigsby is hurt in some way or have some personal issues that need taking care of.

When O'Shea was asked why he left Grimbsy aside on the weekend. He said it was a "hunch" :o
Maybe he didn't appreciate the "hunch"

They may have tried to trade him but no takers. Who knows what happened with him and Mikey.
If all things are on the up and up and he is healthy we need to go out and grab him. The worst thing at this point would
be to see him in double blue. You have to think they are interested. THE Kackert thing didn`t go so well so..........

Agree with you. Grigsby started well but has not been a threat in recent weeks. Granted the Bummer poor OL might have a bit to do with that! :oops:
He was benched in favour of Cotton and obviously wasn't happy with the decision so asked for his release - at least that's how it seems to me. Appears to be player looking out for #1 - not Austin's kind of "guy" IMO.

Unless Madu and Gable are done for the season, Grigsby would be a band-aid replacement and he and his agent likely will know that. But if the two are done then it might make sense to bring him in.

From what I've read it looks like he asked for and was given his release because he was not happy being relegated to backup duty. If he expects to be the starter, then there's no sense signing him unless he is given an assurance of a starting role here. Why would he be happier as a backup in Hamilton than he was in Winnipeg? So it depends I suppose on Madu's injury status. Anyway, I don't believe we get first crack at signing him.

Interest in him coming here ....possibly, according to Drew.

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But he’ll be benched the moment Madu is healthy. Why would he come here ?

I think it's worth a shot to bring him here. If the cats don't think Madu will be back soon. We need a running back and if he's interested, we don't have anything to lose.

Would he agree to a practice roster spot in order to earn a starting position?