Niagara/St.Catherines question

Could the Niagara/St. Catherines area support a franchise? Or is it too close to Hamilton?

Too close to Hamilton and like that other border town, Windsor, infatuated with the local NFL team.


Sadly no, St. Catharines only has a metropolitan population of around 350,000, (I believe Niagara Falls is included) and it's proximity to Buffalo and the US boarder hamstrings it's regional accessibility and sway, as there are not a lot of fans from Buffalo to crossing the boarder to watch the CFL. If Buffalo lost the Bills, maybe but given the only place to really draw from would be Hamilton which is a 30-45 minute drive. Given that they have a team, and would likely resent losing a team (if that did happen) I just don't see it being in the cards.

London would be the better choice with a Metro around 450,000, an hour and a half driving distance from Hamilton, and being able to draw from Woodstock, Brantford, St. Thomas and Stratford.