ni punter acquired from Cal.

....The Bombers have acquired Mike Renaud , from the stamps, for a sixth round draft choice and will see him in camp shortly....He was in the Als. camp previous to kicking for Calgary, when Burke Dales was injured...Looks like someone will get the boot besides the release of Pierson today...The kicking-go-round continues... :roll:

So even with Taman gone and the new regime in power, you guys STILL can't find a decent kicker on your own?? Thought that would have been a priority..........................

....yes unfortunately the kicking saga continues....Serna kicked a fifty-two yarder in the bluengold game and a 10 yarder last night ....guess we got that covered :lol: .....IF this kid Renaud can punt...we might have some answers....Apparently Renaud was in the Als. you remember anything about him MadJack...??????? :roll:

Not a thing papa, sorry!

There is a kid coming up the draft in 2010 or 2011 but you guys probably won't get a snif of him the way Kelly has traded his draft picks..

…i believe we drafted Jon Ryan 25 th overall a few years ago…ya just never know in the draft :wink:

I dont even know if we have any picks left at all :lol:

I gotta tell you guys...Serna looks pretty good at both kicking and punting...we'll see how the pre-season games go. He worked on his leg strength all offseason and it's sure showing, particularly in his punting...lots of oohs and ahs from the crowd at the afternoon practice yesterday.

Hamilton's backup emergency kicker, Dave Stala, is better than any of Winnipeg's TC kickers. Why the Bombers didn't sign Stala as a FA instead of trading for Ralph I'll never know.

Come out and watch the game on Wednesday...I think you'll see how wrong you are...