NHL vs. CFL vs. NFL= popularity!

Note : These figures only go up to 2001 and as we know the figures should be allot higher for the CFL and lower for the NFL in 2006 :thup:

You want proof to send the TORONTO papers , well here it is. :thup:

GLEN SUITORS , article is called :


                             It is in the new issue of CFL Magazine. You should all read it.

You may be able to get the article at ....


Their CFL web site :thup:


1990's 40%
2001 30% [the NHL has gone down 10%}


1990's 18%
2001 30% [a rise of 12% for the CFL and climbing]


1990's 19%
2001 15% [a drop of 4% for the NFL]

Glen states that there that certain numbers of the media are purposly distrorting the facts. :frowning: :roll: :cry: :oops: :thdn:

You all want to do something , send a copy of this article to the letters to the editor. :thup:

I AM :thup: :rockin: , but 1 will do nothing! :thdn:

Interesting, will have to read this hello. Now why is the media wanting to distort the truth about a Canadian institution like the CFL? I have some theories, not the least of which is the fact that the media is mainly controlled out of Toronto.

That is a myth , THE TORONTO SUN is owned by a QUEBEC COMPANY , the CBC shows CFL games , the STAR's sports editor is the problem.

GLOBAL , shows NFL games and owns the NATIONAL POST. GLOBAL , is a WESTERN company.

THE GLOBE is just a terrible sports news paper.

TSN and CTV support the CFL by showing CFL games.

THE FAN , is controlled in TORONTO.

SPORTS NET is owned by TED ROGERS , who owns the BLUE JAYS.
[Paul Godfrey]

Good info, thanks. Specifics do matter and who is in what position.
So who is this sports editor at The Star and why does he have a hate-on for the CFL do you think?
And business deals matter in this too, sometimes it's all about da money as they say.

The STAR sports editor is a big NFL fan , and thinks that the CFL is second rate crap. The BLUE JAYS are GODS to the STAR.

Have you ever read the TORONTO SUN? STEVE SIMMONS? He is a total NFL MEL! He lies all of the time.
PAUL GODFREY used to head the TORONTO SUN. We all know about him. :thdn:

They have been repeating these lies for so long that they think it is true. The media is so slow to catch up.

MONEY? What money? I can see that for THE JAYS , but they do this FREE of CHARGE for the NFL all the while screwing their own countries league. :thdn:

It is just stubborness and complete stupidity. Their dream of a NFL franchise , some how will make them " a world class city "

It is really quite pathetic. :oops: :roll: :thdn:

But talking about it here does nothing. You have to get many people to write or call them. Show them the article. :thup:

Yes, it sounds like you have more intimate knowledge than what I have although what you are telling me is no surprise to me from what I've seen over the years from Toronto but I live in Hamilton and don't read as much of the Toronto papers.

But do these people look like fools and idiots or what. The NFL isn't coming to Canada as we all know now and if all of these people put their collective heads together, they could really make the Argos the premier franchise in the CFL and pack the Rogers Centre every game. I don't get it, I don't get it at all from what should be intelligent people. Maybe they don't get it, the NFL doesn't want Toronto and I guess they just can't see this. When someone doesn't want me, I say fine and sort of like to get back at them. But I guess Simmons, Godfrey the Star sports editor and such are spineless pieces of dirt that have no guts or courage but just would rather whine, whine, whine and cry "ma, ma, we don't have an NFL team, ma, ma" time to change the diapers there I guess.

VERY SAD , BUT TRUE. [it is not sad about the NFL team not coming to Toronto , but that is also true] :thdn:

We have to let these jerks know about it. :thup:

Don't you think they know already? I'd have to think so.

Yes , but they are not reporting it and/or ignoring it , and still writing the same old crap.

We have to tell them that we know as well. :thup: THE PUBLIC , and maybe they will change.

More readers , means more money. :thup:

Well, I disagree. What needs to happen with these "powers that be" is a mind change. I'm afraid I don't see enough numbers of letters to them that would change their minds.
They really need to change from within themselves and be proactive and initiate change, be the sparkplug of change. And they can do it! That's what I don't understand, these people can really put the Argos more on the map in Toronto and help fill Ted's stadium there and really show everyone Toronto is a huge football town, CFL or whatever. I don't get why they wouldn't want to do this.

Did they not just have a strike in the early 2000? I think a lot of people (me included)lost interest after that strike. Could account for the numbers.

It's a 12% raise when numbers are being looked at overall. But it you look at what it represents to hit 30% in hard numbers when you were standing at 18 %, it really is a 66% increase. Which means the CFL nearly doubled its popularity over ten years.

These numbers speak loud. Very loud.

Thanks for sharing them Hellothere. I will probably get my copy of the magazine in three weeks ! :wink:

I believe the surge in CFL popularity goes with the decrease with NHL’s and MLB’s popularity in Canada. It remains to be seen what happens when the NFL regular season starts. Baseball has pretty much written itself off in Canada, the steroid scandal and the self-centered jerks that are in baseball is turning a lot of fans off. Add to that the Jays, as of today look like they might be fading a little in the AL East, and more fans will turn to the CFL. The NFL’s popularity, although down 4% , is not a huge loss. The NHL numbers might be even lower post-lockout, attendance at the rinks may be higher, but resentment still remains after losing a full year.

If the CFL can get its off field troubles in order (flaky owners, a backboned commish, and solid new franchises), and some on field troubles( poor officiating) ironed out, the league has the potential to go to new heights.

We already have the NFL's and CFL's 2005 T.V. ratings from last year. :thup:

The CFL average was 350,000 to a record high of 1.2 million on TSN.

The CFL averaged 450,000 to 700,000 on the CBC. The GREY CUP and the CFL play offs distroyed the NFL in Canada.

The NFL lost 4% in 2001 and lost more since them. The CFL has gone UP! since , 2001.

In fact the NFL's T.V. numbers from 2005 were 4th , last year.

The NHL was first in 2005 , then the CFL 2nd , the JAYS 3rd and just ahead of the RAPS 5th was the NFL 4th , but not by much. :thup:

1 million more Canadians watched the GREY CUP over the SUPERBOWL in 2005.

The NFL has had huge loses to the CFL's gain in this country. :thup:

I disagree.

Maybe not you , but allot of posters here have complain about the TORONTO media and the CFL.

Here is some thing that you can actually do some thing about instead of complaining here at CFL.ca :thup:

If NO one complains then they will think that NO ONE cares about what they may write and may ignore. :thdn:

I can tell you 1 thing for sure , if no one tells them , nothing will change ever.

They do take letters seriously , but not just from 1 person.

A SB has never done better than than a GC in ratings.

It's not so much deliberate I don't think. It's a relection of reality being skewed in GTA. Yes, there are a lot of NFL fans there but nowhere near the numbers people assume.

Late Jim Proudfoot of Tor Star told me that numbers who go down to Buffalo may be 5K a game. Of course, people assume there is a much bigger invasion.

I asked Tor print guys and TV/radio media about CFL's coverage in Tor eso when I was doing interviews back in 96.

Matsumoto of Star told me that they have all kind of ways of measuring what their readers want to read about which sports and what they don't. The (then) low priority given to Argos reflected that. Of course that was in most turbulent period in C FL history.

Don't know if you saw Reg Bibby's survey results that came out about a month ago and was widely reported. He has been doing those studies for years and they consistently show that # of Canadians who follow NHL has been declinign while CFL has been rising.

You can fire off letters if you want but it won't change. It's not defeatism, it's reality.

Global has been pro-NFL ever since I can remember. But even when Godfrey was publisher of SUN, Jim Hunt used to regularly write columns exposing his delusions about bringing NFL to Toronto.

As far as TV networks, esp TSN, they are very much aware of how important they are to their ratings and revenues.

It's one of those "perception" things that I mentioned so much in book. Once the percpetion takes root, it's nigh impossible to change it.

As for Globe not being good on sports, I strongly disagree. They have some of best writers in country. Stephen Brunt, Al Maki and David Naylor are all first-class and all love the CFL.

I wrote to the sports editor at The Star this morning and asked him if he hated the CFL and if he did, why? I haven't yet had a response from him/her and I doubt I will. But we'll see

Do you always give up so easy?

How can you change any perception with out even trying? So , I guess that we will not be hearing any complaints about the Toronto media from you , then?

Actually , there was a time that the SUPERBOWL did better than the GREY CUP.
When the BILLS were winning.

In the last five years since this steady was done in 2001 , things have even gotten allot better for the CFL. TRUE? We here , seem to get that? :thup:

Are you telling me that the TORONTO sports media is so stupid that since 2001 , they haven 't got a clue of what we all have seen here , with the CFL?

Are they really that far behind the times? :thdn:

These are pro sports writers! They get paid! WE DON'T.


" so why are certain members of the media in this country selectively distorting the facts , or at times even flat out ignoring them when writing about or discussing the CFL? "


" The fact is that the CFL is the number 2 sport in Canada behind hockey , and is closing the gap.
Television ratings alone have proved it time and time again , ESPECIALLY OVER THE LAST FIVE YEARS "

So , either the TORONTO sports press are lazy , stupid and/or what ever?

They seem to be 5 years behind the times OR they are doing it on purpose. :thdn:

STEVE BRUNT is part of the problem :thdn:

Again 1 or 2 letters will not cut it , but many will! :thup:

Good and thanks. :thup:

I wrote the SUN and PERRY LEFKO , no response yet.

We have to send them proof/figures. The figures are here. I wish I could post the whole article. 2 letters , 1 to each paper will not do that much.

BUT AT LEAST WE TRIED :thup: :thup:

Here is the full CFL MAG. GLEN SUITER , article.



[you may need an ADOBE READER 7.0 , to get the link]

GLEN is from out West , so maybe he has a point here? :thup: