NHL uniforms

the ones I like best, this year anyhow, are

Knights and Preds, clear favs to me

Blues and Stars, next two clear favs

for fifth, I cant decide between wild, kings, panthers or coyotes.

Normally flyers would be among my favs, but this year the shade of orange, which also appears on a couple of other uniforms, totally sucks.

Jets best Canadian uni

I'm a Vegas fan simply because I lived there long enough for Las Vegas to always be home for me, but I'm not a big NHL hockey fan. Many of the locals like formerly me don't like the team's name, for they feel it should be more associated with Las Vegas. I agree with you that the uniforms do rock though minus the red stripes, which have to go. Bring on the name change too.

The Jets also have uniforms that rock as do still the Sharks and the Kings.

I sure have to disagree with you definitely on the Wild and on the Predators. UGGG-LY!

And now I am back near Philadelphia though not a fan of the Flyers, and I would note given the locals there's no way those ugly uniforms are changing without perhaps far more local insurrection and rioting than after the Super Bowl win (for which I am ashamed like most locals mind you).

I think over the year, the flyers have been one of the most consistent with their uniforms. Usually tho, they have been a better shade of orange.

The Blackhawks still have the best unis in the league at least for the home jersey. I'm a little biased on this, but to me, the Canadiens still have the best unis in Canada (at least in the NHL). I do like the Jets jersey.

I will deviate a bit, and the ugliest uniforms are hands down the Oilers... both in the league and in Canada. The orange and blue just don't go together, IMO. The blue ones with the orange & white trim were far better. They even managed to be uglier than the Canuck unis, which is saying something... at least no wears a god awful third jerseys on a regular basis.

Top 5 unis:

  1. Blackhawks- still the best
  2. Canadiens- iconic logo and colour scheme
  3. Capitals- they went back to their original colours, a good thing
  4. Jets- I'm not sure which ones are the better, the blue or the white
  5. Flyers- orange is the new black, at least that shade of orange doesn't blind you

5 Ugliest:

  1. Edmonton- those orange & blue colours usually give me a headache
  2. Vancouver- best unis they had were in the Pavel Bure days
  3. Toronto- dullest colour scheme, but the old logo makes them a bit better
  4. Las Vegas- never did like the unis
  5. Dallas- its too bad they didn't stay in Minnesota- the North Star jerseys looked good

IMO, the Moose Jaw Warrior jerseys before this year were the best in the CHL, they still look good, but I don't like the changes they made to them, and the Soo Greyhounds have the ugliest...

The old jersey is the top picture, and the new ones below


Like the team but hate the Las Vegas uniforms . They look half Liberace and half
Trojan condom .

The old uniforms seem to have the best simple but iconic .

Detroit ,Chicago ,Boston ,Montreal ,Toronto and New York are simply the best .

Out of the expansion the Flyers ( orange old away ), Rockies old away (bad team nice uniforms ) , Ottawa (black one's with the O third jersey only ) , the old purple Los Angeles Kings jersey and the blue old away New York Islander jersey would complete my list as the best looking uniforms .

I agree that the old-style uniforms are the best.

Of the Original Six, I like:
I only exclude the Rangers, which I find dull. If they used their shield logo on the chest, I’d probably include them.

Of the newer teams, I like:
Ottawa (at least their old-style O uniforms)
St. Louis (which riffs on the Boston template)
Florida (which riffs on the Montreal template)
Arizona (which remind a bit of Detroit and Team Canada)

"Vancouver- best unis they had were in the Pavel Bure days"

I totally agree.

which uniforms of this year do you like the best?

I like all the current ones of the teams I listed, but maybe I most like Florida's. I think they did a terrific reboot last season.

Although, the OCD part of me wishes they'd continued the horizontal stripe from the front all the way around the uniform, like the Habs do . . . but still, it's a sharp look.

one reason I like the Vegas Uniforms is where they have black and yellow next together. Makes me really miss the 94 Canucks unis.

Not NHL but c'mon I know y'all like it

The colours are okay except that gold bedazzle .

Love it in a funny good way . Imagine if they were Flyers 70's Broadstreet Bully tough with Mad Dog- Hound Dog Bob Kelly .