NHL says NO to Quebec City.

Quebec City Hall has been told NO by the NHL. All hell is about to break loose in Quebec. 450 million dollars for a rink to house a Junior hockey team. Wow ! For a fraction of that they could be getting excited about a CFL and probably an MLS season about now.

Just Wow !

Is there a source on that, yet? Not seeing it.

Absolutely huge, if confirmed. Makes a lot of people in Quebec City look very foolish, spending that kind of money for an empty building. Sure am glad I'm not a taxpayer there!

Do you have a link for this?

The executive committee is supposed to be meeting today and likely to give a recommendation for expansion.

Not saying you're incorrect but just want to see the details as deferred expansion has also been rumored to be an option....as is possibly the Hurricanes moving there down the road.

Edit: There are also rumours of the Hurricanes moving the Las Vegas which means no expansion at this time.

[url=http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/quebec-city-unlikely-to-land-nhl-expansion-team-now--per-mulroney-192744657.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=tw]http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck- ... soc_trk=tw[/url]
SAN JOSE, Calif. – The NHL’s Board of Directors is going to decide before the NHL Awards on June 22 whether there will be expansion teams for Las Vegas and Quebec City.

While the Vegas bid is starting to take on a feeling of inevitability, one of the prominent voices behind the Quebec City group is telling fans that their bid is “not for tomorrow? and that the chances of landing a team in this round of expansion are “slim.?

"Eventually, we will have a team in Quebec, I think, but it will not be for tomorrow,? Quebecor chairman of the board Brian Mulroney told La Presse (translated).

There are also some rumours of Quebec landing not an expansion team - but a relocated team.

[url=http://www.si.com/nhl/2016/06/03/carolina-hurricanes-owner-financial-trouble-peter-karamanos-lawsuit-quebec-city-relocation]http://www.si.com/nhl/2016/06/03/caroli ... relocation[/url]
Quebec City's long-suffering hockey fans know they're unlikely to make the cut when the NHL reveals its plans for possible expansion on June 22. But events in Carolina have them wondering if La Belle Province will finally get its team via the long anticipated relocation of the Hurricanes.
Disant espérer le retour de la LNH à Québec le plus rapidement possible, les conseillers Yvon Bussières et Anne Guérette anticipent une réponse négative de la part du circuit Bettman, ou un possible report de l'expansion.

«Ça été un pari, a lancé Mme Guérette. Le maire a mis la charrue avant les bœufs. On n’avait aucune garantie. Sans équipe de la LNH, l’amphithéâtre, ça va être un gouffre sans fond.»

Hoping that the NHL returns to QC in the nearest possible timeframe. City counselors Yvon Bussieres and Anne Guerette are expecting a negative answer from Bettman’s NHL or a possible postponement of expansion.

This was a gamble says Mrs. Guerette. The mayor put the buggy in front of the ox. We had no guarantee. Without an NHL team. This arena will be a bottomless pit.

OK, so the NHL hasn’t officially said anything yet. Just negative vibes.

Perhaps, the thread title can be amended to ‘possible NHL team in Quebec City’ until more news comes out which could be later today.

Edit: Was the arena really a gamble, they we’re going to need to replace a 60 year old building anyways. Might has well put themselves in the conversation. They have a major junior team for now, it will be MTS Centre until the NHL comes.

That’s not going to happen. The arena has been leased to Quebec Pierre Peladeau. Owner of TVA Sports and Journal de Montreal. City can’t even make a deal with an NHL franchise. Never understood why they did that. Maybe the idea was to force Bettman’s hand but in the end it possibly locked them out. Only way this happens is if Carolina’s owners want out and sell the team.

The headline was quite clear to me anyway

[url=http://www.985sports.ca/hockey/nouvelles/retour-des-nordiques-promesse-brisee-selon-l-oppos-779405.html]http://www.985sports.ca/hockey/nouvelle ... 79405.html[/url]

And that could be happening if Mr. Karmonos’ money trouble is as a severe as being reported

[url=http://www.clickondetroit.com/business/storm-swirls-around-karmanos-family-over-105-million-dispute-involving-carolina-hurricanes-loans]http://www.clickondetroit.com/business/ ... anes-loans[/url]
The trusts are valued at over $100 million, but over the years, Pete Sr. borrowed against the account to fund his beloved Carolina Hurricanes hockey team. He wrote a loan contract for more than $100 million, agreeing to pay interest using installments until June 29, 2022, or one year after his death
If it's a case of can't pay back as opposed to won't, he may not have a choice but to sell and to a highest bidder. If Vegas gets a team via expansion, Quebec will be front of the line by then.

So this is the same scenario as the Buffalo Bills... We know how that ended...

You think the son will want to sell the team ?


This seems more like a family squabble than a money issue. Or possibly a fight with Mario Lemieux who also want's out of the Penguins... Hard to figure out this powerplay.

Yes, it could be the same as the Bills unless a local group comes forward to pay 400 million what Karmanos wants. No one has come forward yet and he's been looking for partners for almost 2 years with no takers.

Edit: Yes, it could be nothing more than a family squabble. The Canes have a lease through 2024 as well...though it could always be bought out.

http://www.985sports.ca/hockey/nouvelle ... 79405.html

Thank you for the link above, might be lost in translation, but I don't see where the NHL has told them no....at least officially...looks like politicking from the Mayor's opposition to me....and they do it well :lol:

I'm certain news will come out later today.

This is the reason I no longer support the NHL. :thdn:

The NHL takes Canada/Canadians for granted and treats us like the ugly sister. Save your money boys and spend it on either Hockey Canada merchandise or CFL. That's what I do.

It happened to Hamilton (ok, Hamilton's arena is quite basic to the QC one I believe but at the time the Hamilton arena was an NHL arena) and now QC. The NHL will not be forced into placing a team in a city that goes ahead and builds an arena thinking the NHL will come on their hands and knees with a team on a silver platter.

The NHL loves it though and Bettman is all smiles I'm sure, they can now use QC as leverage to force cities to build arenas or else threaten to move the team to QC.

How did it happen to Hamilton?

Yes, they built an arena and had a bid for an expansion team however what gets overlooked is that group tried to negotiate and defer the expansion fee. Mind you they needed clarification on what was required to pay the Leafs and Sabres to infringe on their territory, overall, they we're not willing to pay what was required. There's no issue with Quebec on that front.

For those who think that was an anti-Canadian agenda....we all know where they NHL went instead of Hamilton. :smiley:

Just saying Hamilton built an arena prior to Ottawa having an NHL type arena at the time, thinking the NHL would be an easy shoe-in for a team. And that didn't happen as we know.

knew this would happen. have they started burning down the city yet?

I swear Gary has an arena fetish..

not quite… but close.

Much of the NHL is now a joke anyways.

Looks like the leak from the from the Executive committee is out.

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/ap-nhl-settling-on-las-vegas-for-expansion-1.507414]http://www.tsn.ca/ap-nhl-settling-on-la ... n-1.507414[/url]

Vegas only expansion as early as the 2017-18 season. Board of governors scheduled to meet on June 22 to likely make this official.